How to Make the Prettiest Gift Box for Shavuot

Rachel Kor May 10, 2021

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Sponsored by Bartenura

Hostess gifts are essential during holiday or entertaining season. If you’re looking for a unique twist on the classic bottle of wine, then Bartenura’s wine cans are for you.

Ever since Bartenura came out with their wine cans, I’ve been thinking of beautiful and creative ways of using them. The possibilities are endless. This past Purim we featured them in this adorable teacher gift box, and for Shavuot I’m turning them into mini “Torahs” in honor of the holiday, which I’ll show you how to make.

That’s not all…

I’ll also share my tips for making gift boxes look Instagram-worthy and super cohesive.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • White gift box
  • Cream colored shredded paper
  • Small boxes (You can fill them with anything: chocolate truffles, candied orange peel, fancy hard candies, or use a fancy matchbox.)
  • Fancy chocolate bar or larger rectangular box filled with your host’s favorite things (see above)
  • Floral and eucalyptus wrapping paper
  • Ribbon (and a hole puncher)
  • Fresh flowers

Tip 1: Use Wrapping Paper For That “Instagram-Worthy” Look

That’s my secret for making this gift box look like a total showstopper. I purchased floral and eucalyptus wrapping paper from Zazzle and wrapped all the boxes with them so everything would match. It’s that simple!

Tip 2: Keep Things Simple

Another tip is to use only a few bold items in your box. Bold patterns and colors and distinguishable shapes. The last thing you want is for there to be too many items for your eyes to focus on. The easier on the eyes, the prettier it’ll look.

Bartenura “Torah” Cans How-To

To add an element of Shavuot to this gift box, I cut out a Luchot shape from the eucalyptus paper, punched a hole on either end with a hole puncher, laced a ribbon through, and tied the cans tightly together.

You can use the Luchot cut out as a note to your hostess. Add text in a vertical pattern to make the Luchot really stand out.

Add Fresh Flowers For Shavuot

For Shavuot, I like to include flowers in my hostess gift. You can either include a flower or two in your box, which is more for aesthetics, or you can add a small bouquet on the side of your box.

I hope this gift box inspires you to beautify your life even a tiny amount this Shavuot season. It’s amazing what small and pretty details can do for yourself and for others.

Chag Sameach!