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How to Set the Ultimate Sukkah Hop Table!

Rachel Kor October 7, 2019

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Each year, Sukkot brings with it the opportunity to transport your guests to an entirely new world. The sukkah is your own personal domain to express your creativity and to entertain in a whole new space.


Have you seen some of the sukkahs out there? Some feature chandeliers, beautiful couches, and big abundant floral arrangements designed by local florists. Others are decorated by professional event planners. It’s really incredible, and such a beautiful way of honoring Yom Tov!


So why let the entertaining fun stop there? Pull out all the stops for a sukkah hop gathering as well! With a little creativity, you can turn what used to be pretzels and chips in boring bowls into a thoughtful and elegant party that your guests will swoon over!



Below, I’ll walk you through everything I used so you can re-create it for your guests this year.


I always start with an Instagram-worthy backdrop. Always. I purchased these wall hangings from Ikea and attached sunflowers to them to add an autumn vibe. As most of you probably have, I’ve decorated many sukkahs, and let me just say, this was the easiest decoration to put up, and made a STUNNING finished look. I highly recommend stocking up on these now, as they are seasonal items.



Next is perhaps the most important aspect of this set-up – the table. The table is the base for the entire sukkah hop. It’s the place where everyone gathers, and it sets the scene for everything placed on top of it. I used a beautiful wooden table that was elegant and didn’t require a tablecloth. I then added a “runner” to soften the wooden surface (I splurged on some things, but other items were real bargains!). The runners are actually drapes I purchased at Ikea. They were a steal at only $4.99 for two! I had the runner cascade over the ends of the table for an over-the-top, dreamy feel (optional, of course).



Now comes the extra fun part– the food and drinks! I knew I wanted the focal point to be three drink canisters, filled high with assorted drinks for my guests. I placed each drink canister on a Lucite stand and filled them with apple cider, lemonade and mint water.


Hack: To keep the fruit slices from floating to the top of the drink canisters (where they can’t be seen), attach each slice to the end of a wooden kebab skewer and position them along the glass. Depending on the parameter of your canister, and the length of your skewer, they might need to be cut down to size.



To the right of the drinks was an assortment of glass jars with lids of different sizes. I love using these glass holders for so many occasions. They add an element of instant style to items that may not be the prettiest on their own. And that’s exactly what pretzels, BBQ popcorn, and chips needed here. The lids are great for keeping bugs out until the party starts. When your guests start to arrive, just take them off and place them to the side. I added silver scoopers so guests didn’t have to reach their hands into the food, and for even more charm. (As you will see, the little details really go a long way.)



On the other end of the table was a dessert stand, which held assorted seasonal desserts. I chose desserts that give me all the fall feels, like banana bread, pumpkin whoopie pies and cider donuts.



I also filled some terrariums (which have so many functions) with lemon heads and green sour sticks to resemble lulavs and etrogs.




One thing about setting a buffet table is that it’s prone to common shortcomings. How you set the table can be the difference between success and disaster. Here’s what I do:


  1. Place taller items in the back (this is where stands come in handy), and shorter items towards the front.
  2. Create starting and ending points by placing plates on one end of the table, and flatware on the opposite end. This helps create good flow.
  3. Choose foods that are easy to eat with one hand.
  4. Don’t cook everything (or anything) yourself.


As always, feel free to make this your own. You don’t have to include a large wooden table without a tablecloth as your base. You can add more candy if you choose. If you’re having many attendees, you can create a separate drink station. Do what works best for you and your space.


Embrace the opportunity to create an uplifting, modern and fresh take on a gathering that is often overlooked. And most importantly, have fun with it!


I hope this Sukkah hop table brings you inspiration for all your holiday entertaining.


Chag Sameach!




What I used:


Created and photographed by Rachel Kor – https://rachelkor.com