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I Made Spaghetti in a Pot that Had Not Been Used for Fleishig for 24 hours. Can My Son Take Some Out and Add Cheese to it?

OU Kosher June 6, 2021

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By: Halacha Yomit team of OU KOSHER


I made spaghetti in a pot that had not been used for fleishig for 24 hours. Can my son take some out and add cheese to it?


Everyone agrees that after the fact (bidieved), if spaghetti that was cooked in a fleishig pot that was not used for meat for over 24 hours, it is considered parve and cheese may be added to it (Rema 95:2).
May one also deliberately cook spaghetti (lichatchila) in a fleishig pot that was not used for 24 hours, with the intention of adding cheese? This is a matter of dispute. The Taz (YD, 95:4 in the name of the Maharshal) and the Chochmat Adam (49:2) say no, it is not permissible. (In some circumstances, such as if this is the only pot available, there may be room for leniency.)
On the other hand, the Kaf Hachayim (95:3) rules that it is acceptable. Some feel that this is the implied opinion of the Vilna Gaon as well (92:2).
What should an individual do? Whom do we follow? Best to check with your local rabbi.