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Join Rorie Weisberg’s New Challenge “Back to Balance” (It’s Free!)

Kosher.com Staff April 25, 2022

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We hope you all had an amazing Passover filled with lots of family time and delicious food.


A lot of you would probably agree that this time of year is perfect for getting a fresh start. Whether it be through healthier eating or spring cleaning, it’s a great time to better ourselves in some way.


If you’re looking to build good habits and a healthier lifestyle, there’s no better person to help you along than our very own Rorie Weisberg.



For any of you who don’t yet know Rorie, she is the queen of healthier living. She is the star of our show Living Full ‘n Free, is a recipe developer, health coach, and the creator of a successful line of specialty diet dough mixes. She has always approached healthy eating as an educational process, very different to the “diet” mentality, empowering people with the skills to make their own educated and goal-oriented food choices.


That’s why we’re so excited to let you in on Rorie’s latest challenge, Back to Balance with Rorie 2022!


Back to Balance with Rorie 2022 is about building a lifestyle where good habits are part of our everyday routine.


And the good news is that it’s not complicated! It all boils down to 5 key habits that make all the difference.

And those habits are what this challenge is all about. 


Together, over the next two weeks, we’re going to:


  • Explore the 5 healthy habits every one of us needs to thrive.
  • Get super practical with small, actionable steps that have a huge impact.
  • Meet some amazing women who will share their expertise on some of these topics.

Back to Balance with Rorie starts May 1, 2022! Click here to sign up and you’ll get all the information you need to participate in the challenge!