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Kids, Get Excited for Our New Cooking Show, Nosh and Nibble!

Kids, Get Excited for Our New Cooking Show, Nosh and Nibble!

The show is now live! Click here to watch all the episodes.


By: Esther Pransky, Lubicom Marketing Staff


Kids, This Is Your Show! 


Real kid recipes.


Fun kitchen hacks.


Cool crafts.


Tune in to the first episode of Nosh and Nibble airing mid-December!


This is the beginning of a new era of kids’ cooking on Kosher.com.


Kids, you’re going to love seeing our star in action. Parents, you’re going to laugh and learn too!


You’ll learn two fun recipes and one adorable craft. You’ll see PJ Library and Kosher.com celebrating kids, just like you, who love to cook.


Kids Love Kosher.com


Here’s the story of how this new show came to be.


“We always hear from parents that their kids really enjoy our shows,” says Kosher.com Producer, Jenna Grunfeld. 


After hearing this so often, everyone on the Kosher.com team got to thinking; if kids love our grown-up videos so much, wouldn’t it be great to make a show just for them? What if Kosher.com created a cooking show just for kids, by kids, and about kids?


What would it look like? How would it work?


To make this happen, Kosher.com reached out to PJ Library.






Harold Grinspoon, a renowned philanthropist, founded PJ Library in 2005 to bring Jewish content to Jewish children. PJ Library is all about Jewish kids.


PJ Library is a free program that sends expertly curated children’s books to encourage your family to explore Jewish values, ideas, and traditions that are meaningful to you. Sign up to receive the best in Jewish kid lit each month to read with your children and support your family’s connection to Jewish life.


PJ Our Way is a newer program for children aged 8½-12. It involves the tweens in the process, encouraging their input into the monthly book selection. Kids can even join the PJ Design Teams to create videos and reviews for the website.




PJ Library and Kosher.com Decided To Join Forces


Kosher.com collaborated with PJ library to reach out to children to engage them in fun kosher cooking.

Director of Marketing at PJ Library, Craig Rossein, explains that PJ is always looking to reach more Jewish families. Kosher.com had the medium, and PJ Library had the kids. Together they could engage a broad audience of Jewish children with authentic Jewish cooking experiences. Like chicken soup and matza balls, it was a perfect kitchen match.


“We’re thrilled at the opportunity to work with Kosher.com to produce the site’s first kids’ cooking show. It’s especially exciting that the web series stars tweens from our PJ Our Way program for older readers,” says Winnie Sandler Grinspoon, President of The Harold Grinspoon Foundation. 


And so, Kosher.com’s kid’s cooking show, Nosh and Nibble, was born.



Nosh and Nibble’s First Star

Nosh and Nibble needed a superstar kid to kick off the first episode.  


PJ Library sent out applications to their PJ Our Way participants. They knew they would get applications, but they were amazed at the creative, unique ideas they saw on the audition videos.


It was a tough decision, but they narrowed the field to four finalists.


Then, they got on a Zoom call with the finalists to see how they interact, how they do on the fly, and get to know them a little bit better.


Although we can’t reveal who the star of the show is just yet, let’s just say he/she is energetic, funny and a natural on camera. The panel was incredibly impressed during the selection process and the producers were wowed during filming! (He/she had everyone in the studio laughing during the shoot!)






Nosh and Nibble will be a series of three episodes. Each series will spotlight one child cook.


As Jenna Grunfeld says, “What’s unique about this show is that the kids are the stars, and they can completely take ownership of what the show becomes.”


We can’t wait to share the show with you!!! Tune in mid-December to watch the first episode!


To be notified when it comes out, make sure you’re subscribed to our email list so you find out right away.


Nosh and Nibble will be the only FOR kids, BY kids, ABOUT kids, cooking show on the internet or TV!