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Let’s Go Behind The Scenes of Kosherfest ’22

Let’s Go Behind The Scenes of Kosherfest ’22

Kosherfest, one of THE kosher events of the year, is a staple on a lot of people’s calendars. The newest and hottest kosher foods all come together in one space for business owners, bloggers, influencers, and industry insiders to have a taste and learn about. 

For those of you who weren’t able to attend Kosherfest this year, allow us to be your personal ticket. You can watch our live footage in our Instagram stories for a few more hours, and we’ll also break down many of our favorite products here for you to save and reference later.


A trend we loved seeing at this year’s Kosherfest was greenhouse-grown produce. We also note a few of our *Star Products* below that were unique and stood out to us at the show.


Aero Farms 




Based in Newark, NJ, Aero Farms sells greenhouse grown micro greens. All of their produce is grown vertically (so smart). They are also pesticide, herbicide, and fungicide free. All of their products tasted fresh and flavorful and will soon be available in your local kosher grocery stores.


*7th Heaven Chocolate* EDITOR’S STAR PRODUCT


If you’re looking for chocolates that are dairy free or vegan chocolates that actually taste amazing, we highly recommend these! The recipe for these chocolates took 2 YEARS to develop in order to achieve the perfect consistency and flavor. They taste just like milk chocolate and melt in your mouth just like milk chocolate – we highly recommend these.


Mon Cuisine



Vegan meat that actually tastes like meat is hard to come by. We were super impressed by Mon Cuisine’s taco meat – we thought it tasted like real beef.





One of our favorite brands at the event, Bowery offers herbs and lettuce that are vertically grown – no bug checking, no pesticides!


La Carreta


100% natural pineapple juice, made with no additives or added sugar. It comes in a convenient and fun box with a spout and is made with pineapples from Guatemala. 


Sunny Honey Miami


Their beautifully packaged honeys are whipped and come in a variety of unique flavors like chocolate, lavender, pumpkin spice, and key lime, to name a few. These make the perfect gift. These whipped honeys are extra creamy because they get whipped for 4 days straight!


Lucky Foods


Great kimchi is hard to find in the kosher market, so when we tasted the kimchi from Lucky Foods we were very excited. It had the perfect amount of crunch, spice and tang. They also offer delicious spring rolls. Both products are completely vegan.


Just the Fun Part


You know the very last bite of an ice cream cone? That tip of the cone filled with the perfect amount of ice cream or chocolate? Just the Fun Part packages and sells it! Right now they offer milk, dark, and white Belgian chocolate. Such a clever, fun, and delicious product.




For all of you who love miso paste, Kosher Korean makes an excellent Korean Miso paste. It’s completely gluten free, and is of the highest quality. Use it in soups or salad dressings for the perfect miso addition to almost any dish. They also sell other products like Ganjang soy sauce, and Gochujang.




Mehadrin now offers coconut-cream-based yogurts that are unbelievably creamy, almost pudding-like, and are of course, parve!


The Cheese Guy



We loved their new “Apricot and Jalapeño” spread. It was fruity, had slight heat, and the perfect bite.


Nutty Bunny



When the owner’s daughter developed allergies, but still wanted a sweet scoop of ice cream that didn’t pose a health risk, she got right to work. She created nut-based ice cream blends and non-dairy tea-infused sorbets. We thought they were all really smooth and flavorful.


Mini Taco Shells



These are exactly what they sound like, but they also offer taco shells in deep red and purple colors. Definitely a unique twist on a classic party staple.

Somis Dairy



Another favorite, with fresh Haloumi cheese all the way from Cyprus. They grilled fresh Haloumi for us at the show, so we can say firsthand that this stuff was the real deal. 


Tnuva Cheese



Tnuva just created new flavored cheeses, and we got to taste them before they even hit the shelves. Flavors like Muenster Cherry and Apple Cinnamon Muenster cheese are a just a couple of their fun flavors. All their new flavors will be in stores in 2 weeks.


Natural Kosher Cheese



NKC wowed us with their selection. As one of the leading kosher cheese brands, they do not disappoint. Most, if not all, of your cheese needs can be found in their packaging. They pride themselves in their blend of cheese for making pizza so you get that perfectly melted cheesy pizza topping.




We ended the night with Miele’s gelato, which was perfectly creamy and flavorful. “The best gelato I’ve ever had”~Raquel Malul (Kosher.com Social Media Manager)