Lulav and Etrog – Almost Too Good To Eat

Esther Ottensoser September 17, 2020

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Shake things up this Sukkot with this Arba Minim (Four Species) Plate Art.



Inspired by a friend of mine from Los Angeles who uses an actual etrog which she picks from her own etrog tree, I’ve taken the liberty to use a lemon as I do not have an etrog tree growing in my yard.



You can fill the lemon with any salad. I filled mine with ceviche; the recipe I used was from Rivky Kleiman’s Simply Gourmet.




Long breadsticks

Herbs for hadassim and aravot



Ceviche or any salad




1) Cut  lemon or etrog in half and scoop out the flesh. Fill with choice of salad.

2) Wrap the scallion around the center of the breadstick and stick the herbs in.


Tip: Cutting the scallion in half (lengthwise) will make it more flexible and easier to wrap. You can also put it in some water to soften up.


How cute?


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