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Make a Healthy Snack Board For Kids This Passover!

Make a Healthy Snack Board For Kids This Passover!

Sponsored by Gefen, Heaven and Earth and Elite



 Is it just me or is Passover the ultimate snack food holiday? The words, “Mommy, I’m hungry!” probably come up quite often in your home, and I’d bet your Passover pantry dwindles down to nothing more quickly than you’d probably like. 


The solution? Make a healthy grazing board for kids. Set it on the table and let everyone munch all day long while they play games or wander in and out of the backyard. It’s the perfect answer to your kids’ request for yet another snack, and it’s a great opportunity to encourage some healthy foods for your little ones.



On my board I’ve included healthy fruits and veggies like strawberries (I used these mini cookie cutters to cut them into flowers for added fun) and cucumbers, along with veggie chips by Heaven and Earth, which are addicting and delicious (my family loves them). I also included some Elite chocolate (because a little chocolate is always a good idea, and it’s so much better for you than artificially colored and flavored gummy candies. And last, but certainly not least, is Gefen’s new cashew and almond butter puff snacks. They are perfectly crispy and salty, and I love the fact that they have added nutrition from nut butters.


If you have very young kids, make sure the foods included on your board are age-appropriate and safe for them to eat. Avoid popcorn and grapes (or cut grapes into quarters) and cut your cucumbers into long sticks as opposed to round circles.



Here are step-by-step photos for assembling.


1. Place large, durable foods down first like grapes and cucumbers. These will act as your anchors for more fragile snacks.



2. Add more delicate treats like cookies. I also like to add similar colored foods across from one another for extra appeal. Remember, kids eat with their eyes first 😉



3. Then add more delicate snacks like the nut puff snacks.



4. And lastly, add the finishing touches like chips, fun-shaped fruit and teeny tiny tomatoes. (These cute little tomatoes wouldn’t stop rolling off the board, so into a bowl they went.)



 And don’t let the kids have all the fun! Go ahead and make a dessert board for adults too!


If you end up making a snack board, let us know in the comments below! Bonus points for anyone who sends us a picture too!