Mini Makkot Puzzles (With Free Printable!)

Lisa Dvorin March 15, 2021

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By Lisa Dvorin:



Seder time will be extra fun for all the kids with these colorful Mini Makkot Puzzles!  Each puzzle has the makkot written both in English and Hebrew and also includes an illustration.  Just cut the puzzles ahead of time (each puzzle has only four pieces), put them in little bags, and then give them to the kids during your Seders – they surely will be delighted to open up each bag and put together the puzzles!



You Will Need:



  • Small Organza Bags – 3.5 inches x 4.5 inches is a great size, but you could go larger as well. The example in the photos are these multi-colored organza bags. (Please note that colors vary with this set.  For instance, brown is pictured in the Amazon photo; however, I did not receive brown.)

    Another option is to use white organza bags such as these.


  • Scissors




1. Cut out each makkot card and also each corresponding number card.



2 . Put the number card in a 3.5-inch x 4.5-inch (or larger) organza bag so that the number faces out.  It’s fun to use a bag that is the same color as the makkot card!



3. Next, following the dotted lines, cut the makkot card into four puzzle pieces and put those in the bag, too.




4. Repeat this process with each makkot, and then put all the little bags in a basket or on a small tray.



5. Kids can open up the bags and complete the makkot puzzles during your Seders!



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