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MyKosherKids Contest: And the Winners Are…

MyKosherKids Contest: And the Winners Are...
We have a big announcement to make!

The video entries for our MyKosherKids contest were all amazing and we were blown away by everyone’s talents! Your effort really came through in all the creative, impressive, and adorable videos.

We think you will all agree with us: everyone who entered a video in the contest is a true winner!

But, as promised, the winners of the vote are as follows:

Grand Prize: Shira Wachsman of Chesterfield, MO

Runners up: Atara Harris, Memphis, TN; Binyamin Berger, Kew Gardens Hills, NY; and Natalie Hochstein, Washington, DC.

We encourage you to watch their videos below!

Shira Wachsman

Atara Harris
Binyamin Berger
Natalie Hochstein

We loved every single one of the videos submitted! Below are some of our favorites!

Mendel Tiechtel

Zissy Fried
Meir Ohayon
Shmuli Sitzer
Benny Krinsky
Lavon Family
Aria Sokol 
Dovid Greher
Family Gartenhaus
Yaakov Brum
Thank you for taking part in our MyKosher.com contest. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.