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No Measuring Allowed: The Most Amazing Deli Roll

Kosher.com Staff February 10, 2022

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Recipe brought to you by Carrie Beylus.


Welcome to our weekly lifestyle column, No Measuring Allowed. Every week we share fun and easy Shabbat desserts and savory dishes too. The recipes don’t require any measuring or special equipment, and call for about 6 ingredients! Perfect for busy moms and dads, or kids who love to help in the kitchen!


The Most Amazing Deli Roll





1 sheet puff pastry
18 oz favorite cold cuts (smoked turkey, corned beef, bologna etc.)
Spicy brown mustard, desired amount
1 egg, beaten, for glazing




1. Thaw dough until easy to roll, yet still firm. Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Cut 1 large piece of foil and lay it on a large sheet pan. Place a large piece of parchment paper over that. Set aside.


2. Cut another large piece of parchment paper and lay on work surface. On the paper, roll out the dough to form a large rectangle. Transfer to the prepared pan.


3. Imagine the pastry has three equal, vertical sections; add 1 layer of sliced meat to the middle section, followed by a second layer of meat. Spread mustard on top of that.


4. Add three more layers of meat, keeping the two outer sections of dough empty.


5. Using a sharp knife, cut horizontal strips into the two side sections – just until the center section.




  6. Fold the strips inwards, over the meat, alternating sides to create a braid-like pattern.


7. Brush the pastry with the beaten egg.



8. Bake until golden and cooked through, 20 to 30 minutes.



TIP #1:

To achieve an extra crispy deli roll (the only way my family will eat it), I bake the deli roll on one layer of foil and two layers of parchment paper. Midway through baking, I remove one layer of parchment paper with all the juices that have released. Once the deli roll is finished baking, I remove the second piece of parchment paper and leave the roll on the aluminum foil layer to “crisp” on the hot tray. If not eating right away, I use the foil the deli roll is sitting on to wrap it and store in the fridge for later.



TIP #2:

Cut the “top” off the meat slices that will be placed on the top and bottom of the deli roll. That way you won’t have any excess meat spilling out, which will make it easier to seal.



TIP #3:

Use a rolled up piece of meat to spread the mustard. It saves you from washing an extra spoon, and it makes for a great treat for the chef!