Organization Hacks to Make Passover Changeover Easy

Ida Levy March 14, 2018

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One of the keys to staying organized on Passover starts at the end. It all comes down to how you put it away.

I know that by the end of Day 8, we are all exhausted and just want to get rid of the Pesach stuff & dig in to pizza and bagels. But take a few minutes to put it away properly, and you won’t have to stress next year. It only takes me 10 minutes to unload & turn my kitchen over (once it’s been cleaned, scrubbed, boiled, kashered, and covered, of course.)


I have five 30 gallon Sterilite totes. One for dairy, one for meat, and one for parve. I store my Pesach pots, silverware, serving spoons, Tupperware, etc. in each. The parve one has my matzah tray, Seder plate, hagadot, and cookbooks. The other 2 totes are dairy & meat chametz. They stay empty all year (nestled in with the full ones), but they house my hametz pots on Pesach. My pot drawer is the only drawer that I actually empty for Pesach.

Next up: Silverware organizers and countertop drawers.

I store my Pesach silverware in a silverware organizer, and then on Pesach, I just leave it out on the counter in said organizer. If you’re concerned about the company seeing a mess, don’t be! They’ll see
how you didn’t have to empty your drawers this year & be impressed with your time saving hack. In the 3 countertop drawers, I put my dairy, meat, and parve knives, as well as serving pieces and cooking utensils. Again- no need to empty a drawer, just leave it out. It’s only 8 days!

And the pantry? Nope. I don’t empty that either. I close it up and set up a 6-foot table in my foyer. Everyone is going through the same thing. It’s Pesach for your guests too! It’s so much easier to see all of my pantry staples when I’m trying to menu plan. Six feet not enough for you? I use Pesach as an excuse to eat fresh, clean food. Mostly produce (fruit & veggies), dairy, and protein (chicken, meat &
fish). I might end up spending a few more minutes in the kitchen on Chol Hamoed days, but it gets us to eat healthfully again, coming out of a long & sluggish winter. It’s a jumpstart on healthy spring &
summer eating habbits. Plus, I’m not stuck with all of that Pesach ketchup, cereal, or macaroons.

When Pesach finally comes to an end, bring your three bins back to the kitchen, and pack them back up. I also make myself some notes for next year & tape it in an envelope under the lid of my parve box (buy a new peeler, need more Tupperware, etc.) Get my free Pesach Debrief sheet here to make sure next year’s Passover setup is a breeze.