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Our Favorite Sukkot Chol Hamoed Trip Ideas

Our Favorite Sukkot Chol Hamoed Trip Ideas

Chol Hamoed Sukkot may not be a full week this year, but we’ll take what we can get. Having just one day to take the kids somewhere new and exciting can be a thrill and wonderful memory for the whole family.


But where to go???


Our staff came together to bring you the best-of-the-best day trip ideas! They are tried and true, so there’s no wondering if these places are worth the trip or not. Whether you’re located in NJ, Philly, or even Israel, we’ve got something for you. We hope you enjoy these fun activities as much as we do!


If you have a favorite place to go on Chol Hamoed that isn’t listed, then comment below! We’d love to hear your family’s favorite places to visit, too!


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Esty Wolbe  (Easy Does It):


Demarest Kill County Park in Monsey. There’s a kid-friendly hiking path that circles around a small lake. The kids love taking turns leading the way and navigating through familiar stones and branches. There’s a small stream that’s fun to cross, as you leap from rock to rock to avoid getting wet. There’s even a little waterfall. We brought along a portable grill and pop-up sukkah and prepared lunch while the kids tossed around a football… until it fell into the lake!


Rorie Weisberg (Living Full ’n Free):

We love going to Seven Lakes if the weather is nice. Hiking, boating, or the Bear Mountain Zoo alone with a nice picnic makes for a wonderful family day outdoors.


Chani Nayman (Kosherdotcom Editor-in-Chief):


My father always takes my kids to the Bronx Zoo. Not just on Chol Hamoed, but on lots of Fridays or ‘erev’ days where the theme is, Get The Kids Out Of The House So The Ladies Can Cook!



Shani Seidman (CMO at Kayco Kosher Foods):

Every year we go on a treetop ziplining and ropes course – specifically at Adventure Park in Maryland, but they have New York locations too. It’s self-guided and has levels, so it’s good for ages 7 and up. They have a separate area for toddlers, and family members who don’t do the course can walk around and watch their family in the trees. So much fun!


Leah Gottheim (Kosherdotcom VP):

– The Great Falls in Paterson, NJ. It’s a gorgeous waterfall, the highest in New Jersey. This is more of a short trip on your way to somewhere else and a great photo op. It also has a library box where you can leave or take home random books – always fun to see what’s in there.

Alstede Farms for fruit picking – pick your fall fruits like apples, pumpkins, eggplants, and more.


Garrett Mountain Reservation is an easy, stroller-friendly hike, and it has a small castle to visit.


Jenna Grunfeld (Kosherdotcom Managing Editor):

One of our favorite places in St. Louis for Chol Hamoed Sukkot is Grant’s Farm. There’s a bunch to do there. You can see and take photos with Clydesdales (read: the largest and fanciest horses you’ve ever seen), take a tram tour of the wildlife preserve, see all kinds of animals, ride the carousel, see free animal shows, bottle-feed baby goats, and more! There are also trails to hike!



Rachel Kor  (Kosherdotcom Editorial Assistant):

I’ve been going to Van Saun Park since I was a little girl, and each time I go it’s just as amazing as I remember. There is a zoo, family-friendly train ride, carousel, acres of grass for picnics or throwing a ball around with kids. They even have a large park with sprinklers for those hot, humid days.


Another favorite is Turtle Back Zoo. Great for kids who love animals (don’t they all?) and not too far from home.


Raquel Malul (Kosherdotcom Marketing Assistant):

These are some activities to do in South Jersey/Philly area (some places are chains and have nationwide locations): 


Johnson’s Farm – There’s a hay ride, fruit picking, playground, animals to feed, etc.

Funplex – For older kids/adults. There are arcade games, rides, bowling, etc. 

Pump It Up – Great place for kids to go jumping.

Sky Zone – Jumping for adults and kids. 

Indoor Go-Kart

Howell Farm

– Grounds for Sculpture – A beautiful sculpture garden and arboretum.

Adventure Aquarium

Battleship NJ



In Pennsylvania:

Franklin Institute

Please Touch Museum


Renee Schwartz (Kosherdotcom Recipe Editor):

I love children’s museums and places that teach in a fun and engaging way. It’s especially nice to engage their brains during the long stretch of school vacations during the month of Tishrei! We enjoyed the Children’s Museum of Manhattan, and of course the Liberty Science Center is a classic, but if you can pick a museum that speaks to your child/ren’s current interests, all the better – next on our list is the planetarium. My nieces and nephews enjoyed the National Museum of Mathematics as well.


Nechama Fink (Kosherdotcom Back End Management Assistant):

In Israel, the place to go is the Kotel for birkat kohanim. Walking around the area of the Old City is always interesting, and you don’t need to worry about finding a sukkah for eating, since there are plenty open to the public along the way.

Neot Kedumim also has a sukkah exhibition with displays of all the different types of kosher sukkahs.

Another fun place to stop along the way, while traveling north in Israel, is Gan Guru, a zoo with Australian animals. You can pet and feed kangaroos, goats, and birds, and you can go inside many of the exhibits. Fun for all ages, and easy accessibility for strollers and wheelchairs.