Play Date Week: Rainbow Scavenger Hunt Sensory Bin

Ariel Stein October 13, 2021

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By Ariel Stein



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Sensory bins are a fantastic and fun tool for developing fine-motor skills, developing sensory perception (which aids in brain growth and development), and exposing children to new concepts!


Not only will the kids love this activity, but parents will love knowing that their kids didn’t just sit in front of a screen during their playdate!



 To keep kids occupied even longer, have them find things from around the house, scavenger hunt style, to add in!



Supply List:


Storage bin
Froot Loops cereal
Mixing bowl
Assorted colorful toys
Measuring cups, spoons, small bowls



How To Make A Rainbow Sensory Bin:


1. Start with an empty bin.

2. Pour Froot Loops cereal into a large bowl. Have your children help by sorting the cereal in the bowl by color, and arranging it into a rainbow inside of the empty bin.

3. Collect colorful toys and other small items from around the house. (I used legos, magnatiles, wooden blocks, pretend play food, and small animal figurines. Add the toys to the bin on top of the corresponding color.

4. You can also add some scoopers (measuring cups or pinch bowls work great) to let your children play with.

5. Let your kids’ imaginations run wild!