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Restaurant Review With Dani Klein: Salt Steakhouse

Dani Klein June 6, 2024

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Salt Steakhouse, Long Branch, NJ

Image by Dani Klein, YeahThatsKosher.com

I recently got back from a conference in Long Branch, NJ, home to Pier Village and over a half dozen kosher restaurants. The crème de la crème of any restaurant in the area, kosher or otherwise, is Salt Steakhouse. 

The eatery is an exquisite dining destination that seamlessly combines elegance and culinary mastery. This upscale kosher steakhouse, which opened in July 2021, quickly established itself as a premier spot for steak lovers and fine dining enthusiasts.

Image by Dani Klein, YeahThatsKosher.com

The restaurant’s ambiance is a blend of contemporary sophistication and cozy comfort. As you step inside, you’re greeted by a modern, stylish interior with warm lighting, plush seating, and meticulously set tables. The design incorporates a balance of rustic and chic elements, with actual salt incorporated into the design, creating an inviting atmosphere that’s perfect for both intimate date-night dinners and larger gatherings.

At the core of Salt Steakhouse’s appeal is its meticulously curated menu, which showcases a variety of high-quality, flavorful dishes which include mostly Asian and American fare. The menu offers a range of steaks, including prime cuts like ribeye, filet mignon, and tomahawk, all expertly prepared to highlight their natural flavors. The steaks are aged to perfection, ensuring a tender and flavorful experience with every bite. In addition to its stellar steak offerings, the menu also features an array of seafood dishes, appetizers, and sides, each crafted with the same attention to detail and commitment to quality.

Image by Dani Klein, YeahThatsKosher.com

The restaurant’s partnership with Akimori brings the highest quality kosher fish & sushi to the restaurant. Diners can opt to order sushi to their table, or partake in an omakase experience at the bar. 

On my most recent visit my colleagues and I had an apps-only meal, and it was glorious. Tuna on crispy rice, Duck & Waffles, Truffle Fries, Chicken Karaage, and the Truffle Toro roll were all large portions with amazing flavors that our group of three was able to share. 

Beyond the food, Salt Steakhouse offers a full-service bar with an impressive selection of wines, spirits, and handcrafted cocktails. The bar area, with its sleek Himalayan salt-like design and extensive drink menu, serves as a perfect spot for a pre-dinner drink or a nightcap.

Image by Dani Klein, YeahThatsKosher.com

Service at Salt Steakhouse is another highlight, with attentive and knowledgeable staff dedicated to ensuring that every guest has an exceptional dining experience. Whether it’s a special occasion or a casual night out, the team at Salt Steakhouse went above and beyond to cater to my needs and preferences in my multiple visits to the restaurant over the last 3 years. While most of the diners likely visit from the nearby Deal & Lakewood area communities, I’ve always met many at the restaurant that have driven in from Brooklyn, Teaneck, Monsey, and even Long Island to enjoy the Salt experience, despite the hour+ commute. 

Located near the scenic Long Branch beachfront, Salt Steakhouse not only provides a culinary experience but also offers a convenient and picturesque location. After a delicious meal, guests can enjoy a stroll along the nearby boardwalk, making for a perfect evening out. 

The owners of Salt also operate other kosher eateries in the Pier Village area just down the street, making this area a prime kosher destination any time of year. 

Restaurant Address: 15 Morris Ave, Long Branch, NJ

Kashrut: JSOR

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