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DIY Floral Imprint Napkins for Shavuot

DIY Floral Imprint Napkins for Shavuot

Photography by Hudi Greenberger

Create these artsy napkins for your Shavuot table using natural and easy-to-find materials while also experimenting with plant pigments – a great way to combine art and science!

Your children can create all kinds of designs using leaf and flower pounding, and turn their creations into something they will be proud of!

You will need:

  • Wooden board
  • Newspaper
  • Hammer
  • Assorted fresh flowers and leaves


1. Place a sheet of newspaper on top of the wooden board.

2. Arrange the flowers, petals, and leaves on top of the newspaper.

3. Place the fabric or napkin on top of the flowers and petals.

4. Use your hammer to pound the fabric.

5. When you are done, remove your fabric and brush off remaining pieces of flowers and leaves. Let your napkins dry.

This technique can also be used on large white tablecloths, table runners and t-shirts.

For a tutorial on how to make the cookie seating cards see my tutorial HERE.