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SOUP WEEK: Make A Gefen Noodle Soup Bar For Dinner (Easiest Dinner Ever!)

Rachel Kor October 31, 2022

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When brainstorming ideas for “Soup Week,” I knew I wanted to feature an idea that was nostalgic and fun for the whole family. So, what can bring everyone together, but doesn’t require tons of prep work? My answer? Instant soup cups.


Let’s admit it, we all love instant ramen soup (you know you do). They’re hearty, quick, comforting, and that first spoonful always brings back all the nostalgic feels.


Before I lose you, what if I told you that you can have Gefen noodle soup cups for dinner and make them into a full-fledged, protein-packed, nutritious meal that every family member can customize to their own liking.


Yup, it’s true. I’m talking about making an epic noodle soup bar right at home. All it requires is 1 soup cup per family member, hot water, and toppings.

Trust me, your family will “instantly” love this dinner!



What you’ll need:

Assorted Gefen noodle soups
Eggs, soft boiled
Lime, sliced
Sesame seeds
Fresh spinach leaves, washed
Shredded carrots
Radish, thinly sliced
Scallions, sliced
Cooked shredded chicken
Cilantro leaves, washed
Shiitake mushrooms, thinly sliced
Sautéed beef strips (marinated in 1 Tbsp soy sauce + 1 Tbsp rice vinegar, then cooked in a skillet until no longer pink inside, about 5 to 7 minutes)




Add hot water to the noodle soups and top with your choice of toppings.