Step Into Your Sukkah and Enter the Garden

Malka Hartman September 27, 2023

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Sukkot is a time to embrace the outdoors and really explore deeper color palates. For this tablescape, featuring a @worldofhart tablecloth and chargers, we were inspired by rich fall florals and jewel tones that exude warmth and elegance. Using rich purple/berry and green hues, you can achieve that garden look while still remaining true to season. We stopped in Trader Joe’s and pulled all the flowers they had that matched the cloth. It made selecting what we needed super easy because we chose based on color, not flower type (which is hit or miss at TJs).

Because the cloth is such a beautiful piece, we made sure not to overpower it with the table settings, starting with our scalloped charger with navy trim. It makes every setting look like a flower and is just the perfect start to any place setting.

For the dishes, we chose a rich green set of china (that has proven to be super versatile, actually!) For the glassware, we balanced a soft peach goblet with a sharp black wine glass. This gave us both a bold element and soft element, which was eye catching. Cutlery was kept simple with my favorite gold set.

Once the setting was done, it was time to “fill” the table with fun trinkets and pretty things. This is a great opportunity to get creative and use what you have in your house. Baccarat butterflies are always a must and of course the @worldofhart honey dishes. Feel free to add napkin holders, salt shakers, shot glasses – anything that could go on a table, because the more the merrier! We finished with a pretty floral napkin and of course, Bartenura’s latest wine flavors that come in the most aesthetically pleasing cans!

Photography by Perri G Photography