Sufganiyot Roulette

Dena Gershkovich December 10, 2020

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You’ve heard of keeping a poker face while playing cards, but what if you had to keep a straight face while eating a mini donut hole filled with hummus? Not so easy, but oh-so fun!

Sufganiyot Roulette is the game we’re playing this Chanukah! It doesn’t require that much prep (everything can be store-bought), and it is GUARANTEED to bring on lots of laughs! Here’s how to play!

Prepare miniature donuts that all look the same and have different fillings. Choose fillings that are delicious and sweet, for example, fruit jelly, custard, chocolate frosting, caramel, and others that are more daring, and shall we say, eclectic- like, hummus, mayonnaise and tomato sauce.

Instruct participants to go around in a circle and take turns eating the donuts. The objective is for participants to guess what flavor donut the taster ate. Tasters should try to keep a straight face when eating the donuts so that they don’t give anything away!

Get a mini donut maker here!
Get a donut cookbook here!
Get a donut syringe here!

You can be as daring as you like here — choose fillings that you think your family will appreciate and can handle; but most importantly, have fun!