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Let’s Tackle Summer’s Worst Mess Zones

Elisheva Blumberg July 26, 2020

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Dripping bathing suits. Crumpled beach towels. Bicycle helmets on the kitchen floor.

It’s summer — and for even the most immaculate of households, summertime means clutter time.

Whether you’re wading in the mess of poolside paraphernalia, outdoor equipment, or any other summer stuff, read on for the best ways to tackle the season’s messes and get your house back in order!



The Problem: Bathing suits, beach towels, and other swim gear overload

The Solution: A customized storage system to handle your family’s needs

Here’s how to build your own swim gear storage system:

  • Add bins or baskets of wire or plastic (make sure the bins have holes for proper ventilation.) Place the bins inside the wire shelves and use them to store sunscreen, goggles, swim diapers, and other small items.
  • Attach S hooks directly to the wire shelves or on a nearby towel bar. Use these hooks to hang wet bathing suits and towels overnight to dry.

Put this system into action and say buh-bye to all your summer swim messes!


The Problem: Dripping wet swimsuits, sopping wet towels, and other soaking stuff

The Solution: A mini outdoor clothesline

A clothesline is a classic way to dry wet garments — and for good reason! An outdoor line, like this travel-size clothesline, is the perfect solution for handling the (literal) flood of soaking swimsuits and soggy towels that come out of your kids’ camp backpacks each day.


The Problem: Floaties, pool noodles, and other swarming swim toys

The Solution: Simple storage solutions that conquer the clutter

Owning a pool, or even a splash pad or sprinkler, means you’re probably doused in swimming accessories.

Here are some of the best ways to store your water toys, floaties, noodles, flip flops, sunscreen bottles, and more:

  • Mesh pool toy holder
    This giant mesh pool pouch is roomy enough for big inflatables, like beach balls or tubes.
  • Laundry basket hackA plastic hamper, like this sturdy bushel hamper, is an inventive and affordable way to store used towels. You can even use this hamper to store pool noodles or other tall pool toys.
  • DIY pool accessory organizer
    With an old shelving unit, plastic bins, and some spray paint, you can create a fabulous poolside organizer like this one.And if you’re not the do-it-yourself kind, don’t worry! You can opt instead for a basic shelving unit and some pretty plastic bins.The bins are perfect for storing water shoes, insect spray, sunscreen, and most small water toys, while the shelves themselves can hold enough fresh towels for swimmers big and small.


The Problem: Shore umbrellas, lounge chairs, and other beachy bummers

The Solution: A space-saving beach gear rack

Overwhelmed by beach accessories? A wall-mounted storage hanger will help you turn the tide — making it easy to streamline everything from surf boards to sand toys.


The Problem: Bicycles, scooters, and other wheeled woes

The Solution: An on-the-floor “parking” stand

Is your lawn or driveway overrun with bikes? A floor rack is an easy way to keep your bicycles, tricycles, and scooters out of harm’s way. And unlike any complicated or wall-mounted system, which can be too difficult for smaller hands to maneuver around, even the youngest riders can park their vehicles on a floor stand.


The Problem: Missing socks, lost water bottles, and other absent items

The Solution: A stressless labeling system

If you want your kids’ summer gear to last the whole season, labeling is your best bet. Here are two simple and smart ways to mark your gear:

  • A laundry markerThe Sharpie Rub-a-Dub permanent marker won’t bleed or feather, so it’s perfect for labeling towels, swimsuits, and any camp clothing that’s at risk for being misplaced.
  • Personalized textile stampThe Mine Stamp works on textiles, books, and other accessories. The best part is the interchangeable letters; just rearrange the letters on the stamp and this one product will work for the whole family.


As you can see, even with all the extra summer paraphernalia around, there’s no reason to feel like you’re submerged in endless messes. With these smart organizational systems, you can control the clutter, enjoy all of summer’s fun activities, and most of all, stay afloat during this whirl of a season!