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The Best Chanukah Gifts For People Who Love Crafts and Art

The Best Chanukah Gifts For People Who Love Crafts and Art

We know that finding Chanukah gifts for everyone on your list can be challenging, which is why we’ve done some research for you! See our suggestions below for how to please the artists in your life.


The following article contains affiliate links. We may make a small commission from any purchases made from the links on this page.


1. Personalized Leather Sketchbook


Show the artists in your life how much you care about them and their passions with a personalized leather sketchbook from absolutelyevo on Etsy starting at $41.00. Get it here.


2. Artist’s Apron


Artists – especially those who teach or like to work outdoors – can have a hard time keeping all of their necessary supplies on hand. This apron by Tour Store will help your artist keep everything within arm’s reach. Purchase it for $20.87 on Amazon here.


3. Chanukah Sugar Cookie Decorating Kit


We love this kosher Chanukah-themed cookie decorating kit by Manischewitz for younger kids especially. The cookies come pre-baked, so no help is needed from adults. Get it for $14.99 on Amazon here.


These cookie kits make for a great Chanukah activity or party.


4. All-In-One Paintbrush Holder, Cleaner, and Rinser


Artists who live in small spaces (or simply want the convenience) will love this three-in-one paintbrush cleaner, holder, and rinse cup by Paint Puck. Get it for $28.99 on Amazon here.


5. Shalom Coloring Adult Coloring Book


Who says that coloring books are only for kids? This adult coloring book with Jewish quotes and motifs by Shalom Coloring can be purchased for $11.95 on Amazon here.


We hope that you will be just as happy giving these gifts as your family and friends will be to receive them! Wishing you a happy Chanukah!