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The Best Hack For Cleaning Your Oven! (No Chemicals Required)

Kosher.com Staff April 6, 2022

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We’re all at that point of our Passover prep. Cleaning the oven. Probably the most time-consuming, laborious, backbreaking part of the entire house. Although we can’t guarantee some weird and painful angles won’t be required, we can guarantee a cleaning method that will make the job 100 times easier for you, will leave you with a spotless oven (really!), and requires no harsh chemicals.


Are you ready for the news that will change your oven cleaning-game?


Two words: pumice stone. 


We collaborated with @mommy.life.squad to bring you an amazing cleaning hack for Passover, and, well, we were not disappointed!


For a bit of background, pumice stones are formed from volcanic rock. They are super lightweight, do NOT leave scratches on your oven, don’t crumble with great force, and can be found for under $2 at Walmart or under $10 for 2 sticks on Amazon.


All you need is a bit of water to soak it in and you’re on your way to a sparkling oven!


Take a look at the video tutorial @mommy.life.squad created below!