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The Easiest Way To Elevate That Sorbet In Your Freezer Over Passover

The Easiest Way To Elevate That Sorbet In Your Freezer Over Passover

Photography by Sara Goldstein @tomatoes_tomahtos


My go-to dessert ideas when hosting always consist of something store-bought. I love to bake, but I love to plate and decorate more. Ice cream floats and make-your-own ice cream sandwiches are the signature sweet treats I serve.


When I went to plan my Passover menus, I knew I wanted to incorporate sorbet somewhere. Because it’s something that everyone has in their freezers over Passover, it got me thinking, how can our readers use the sorbet they already have anyway and make it more special? I came up with two answers. 1. Make it into a fun dessert using other store-bought ingredients (that’s coming to Kosher.com next week), and 2. focus on the presentation.


Today we’re focusing on the latter. But trust me. This presentation can be done by literally anyone!



My secret? Stylish dessert or appetizer bowls. Yep, that’s it. Buy the most gorgeous disposable bowls on Amazon and voila! You’ve got a masterpiece- trust me.


Below you’ll see I’ve chosen four beautiful bowls that have an amazing presence, are affordable, perfectly sized, and will WOW your crowd.


All you need to do is scoop and serve. Let the bowls do the work for you.


1. Sleek Black



The black color, the sleek design. This had me at hello. Surprisingly it’s the only one of it’s kind on Amazon and is my favorite on this list.


2. Dessert Bowl With Lid



I love this cup for its lid. Serve your sorbet with the lid on for an extra special and dramatic flare.


3. Sundae Times



I love this dessert cup for its old-fashioned ice cream sundae vibe, plus it sits on the prettiest little stem.


4. Gold Glitter



Last but not least, this one is a drop bigger than the other cups at seven ounces. Its shallow rim creates a really nice shape, and, although hard to tell from the picture, has a really fun glittery finish. A matching glittery spoon brings the look home.