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The Growth and Popularity of Hummus Toast

Malka Kopolovich June 27, 2019

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By Malka Kopolovich, Lubciom Staff



Making coffee with one hand and mashing avocado with the other has become an extreme sport in the mornings. Avocado toast has been on repeat in my house – and I’m getting bored.


I need savory! I need protein! I need to awaken my Middle Eastern roots as early as I can! Avocado just doesn’t cut it for me anymore, eggs have become boring, and oatmeal lacks variety.


Hummus toast is on the rise, and it has proven to the world that we are not so crazy for craving salty foods before 10 a.m.! The possible combos are endless, and the flavor is incomparable. 


Hummus is a staple in my life. It’s the only dip I’ll dip vegetables into, the only spread that goes in my sandwiches, and the only dip I’ll eat on Shabbat. So it’s only fair to start my day with the wonderful chickpea goodness that is Hummus Toast.



Hummus is packed with protein and fiber, which is why it’s the perfect breakfast to kickstart your day and is perfect for those who avoid eating meat throughout the day. It’s delicious and can be made in an endless variety of flavors. Sabra Hummus has 17 flavors – you can’t get bored! From Olive Tapenade to Taco Inspired, there’s a hummus for everyone.


Throw two slices of bread in the toaster, and let’s get started on finding the perfect Hummus Toast combo for your busy mornings.



  1. Classic toast calls for Sabra’s Classic Hummus.
    No tricks up my sleeve or crazy add-ons, coming together to create something so simple, delicious, and healthy.
  2. Lox Hummus Toast
    America’s favorite breakfast – made dairy free. Paired with Sabra’s Greek Inspired Hummus, this toast wins the hearts of the many who appreciate a twist on the archetypal breakfast.
  3. Avocado Hummus Toast
    Yes, I am bored of avocado toast, I said what I said! But I’m still giving it a chance to shine, paired with the Sabra’s Lemon Twist Hummus. It’s the breakfast you eat when you feel a little guilty for letting go of avocado toast so soon.
  4. Pesto Hummus Toast
    Add sliced tomatoes and drizzle pesto sauce onto toast slathered with Sabra’s Roasted Garlic Hummus for the ultimate savory breakfast.
  5. Olive Hummus Toast
    Sabra’s Olive Tapenade Hummus slathered on toast. It’s that easy. Add red pepper flakes for a kick.
  6. Apple & Honey Toast
    This one is for those who have a sweet tooth in the morning. Add apples onto toast smeared with Sabra’s Classic Hummus, drizzle honey, and tie it all together with cinnamon.
  7. Hummus Toast with Egg
    Scrambled egg over Sabra’s Roasted Red Pepper Hummus – enough said.


Sabra even sells prepackaged little pieces of toast that come with small tubs of classic hummus – perfect for those mornings that flew right before your eyes.


Sabra is always coming up with delicious and innovative ways to provide you with the perfect snack, meal, and tools to create a healthy and delectable dish. Sabra’s Hummus is kosher, vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and non-GMO.




Check out Sabra.com for a full list of the amazing flavors they carry or check out your local grocery store’s fridge! You’re bound to find your favorite and create a breakfast combo of your own. 


And for more hummus toast inspiration, watch Shortcuts’ Hummus Toast 4 Ways.