The Meaningful Erev Shabbat To-Do List

Kosher.com Staff July 8, 2023

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There is a special energy we are gifted on Erev Shabbat (Friday afternoon). Shopping, cooking, cleaning, and making the house Shabbat-proof- there is no other way to explain the myriad of things we are able to accomplish in such a small interval of time.

Even though there is always so much to do, there are some special people among us that manage to do chesed (good deeds) on top of that; the people whose Shabbat “to do” list includes calling an elderly relative, sending challah to a new mother, or inviting a child from a super busy household for a playdate.

These actions might seem small and inconsequential any other day of the week. But on Erev Shabbat, looking outside your own boundaries to see what others need takes extra strength.

We want to hear from you, and we want you to hear from each other.

Kosher.com and Meaningful Minute are teaming up to present to you the Meaningful Erev Shabbat Contest!

Are you one of those people who manage to squeeze in a good deed Friday afternoon? Do you know someone that inspires you with their actions on erev Shabbat?

Submit for yourself or someone you know!

We will be selecting the top 5 responses as winners to receive a stunning prize from the Waterdale Collection!

Let us inspire one another to bring in Shabbat with a healthy dose of Ahavat Chinam (loving everyone)!

The contest is open from July 6 through July 14, 2023. Click here to submit your entry, or submit it on the form below.

We will be announcing the contest winners the following week, and sharing more of our favorites with you, as the 9 Days begin.

Many of us want to make the world a better place but aren’t sure what we can do. Hearing what other people do for others can inspire us to look for similar opportunities in our own families and our own neighborhoods.

We hope that these stories, big or small, will inspire others in turn and to create an outpouring of kindness, care and concern for our neighbors.