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The One Trick You Need to Keep Your Urn Sparkling Clean

The One Trick You Need to Keep Your Urn Sparkling Clean

By: Esther Pransky, Lubicom Marketing Staff



It’s an insult to your immaculate kitchen.

A blow to your balabusta-hood.

What IS that yucky white stuff on your urn, and how can you get rid of it?


Know your enemy


That yucky, white stuff has a polite name. It’s called “limescale.”


Limescale is a milky white deposit found where hot water has evaporated. It especially likes to collect in tiny, hard to reach crevices.


That includes kettles, water heaters, and, yes, unfortunately, your new urn.


Limescale is made up of the minerals in the water that got left behind after the water evaporated. So, if your water is “hard,” meaning contains a lot of minerals, you’ll see the limescale building up fast.


It’s not dangerous to your food, but it can clog up the dispenser. And it looks awful.



How NOT to clean your urn


Before we get to the trick we promised, here’s a look at the well-meaning advice that you should IGNORE.



–   Scrub the limescale away. It’s way too much unnecessary work.

–   Use specially made cleaning solutions. They’re effective, but you’re filling your urn with chemicals.

–   Boil up vinegar to clean your urn. It will work well – but then your whole house will smell like vinegar. Not to mention your next cup of coffee.


The magic trick



Finally, here’s what to do to get rid of limescale and reclaim your shiny urn:


1.       Buy some citric acid powder (aka sour salt), a powdered form of the natural acid found in fruits. It’s readily available and kosher.

2.       Pour about a third of a cup into the urn, fill the rest with water, and bring to a boil.

3.       Empty the urn after half an hour. The limescale will simply peel away.

4.       Run a batch of clean water through the urn.



Voila! You’re done.


Your urn is now the envy of the neighborhood, and you can sit down to a well-deserved mug of hazelnut coffee.


If only it were this easy to keep your floor clean. . .