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The Prettiest Hostess Gifts For Passover (For Every Budget!)

Rachel Kor April 5, 2022

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As Passover quickly approaches, many of us are starting to realize that we’ll need to get our host a thoughtful gift. With all the cooking, cleaning, shopping, and planning (not to mention money they’re probably spending), it’s good etiquette to bring a gift to show your gratitude and appreciation.


While the go-to bottle of wine will definitely be appreciated, it may not be the most fitting gift. That, of course, depends on what you are being hosted for. Are they hosting your family for one of the Seders or having your family sleep over for the entire week? The details of your plans make a big difference in what gift is most appropriate.


That’s why I’ve included gift ideas in a wide price range. Scroll through and decide which gift will show your gratitude best.


You’ll find a roster of curated gifts that anyone would appreciate receiving. Some of the gifts are to be enjoyed over Yom Tov, like books, pitchers, and throw blankets. Other gifts can be used on Chol Hamoed, and many of them can be the gift they use on their own time long after Passover is over.


ALL of the gifts below are great options and will get you an invite back next year!


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$25 and Under


Agate Coaster


Who doesn’t love agate? It has a modern and sleek look with a pop of subdued colors that will match to almost any space. I love these because they don’t take up much space, but make a big impact!


Serving Set



You can serve almost anything with this serving set and it will look amazing. The color will pair nicely with just about any serving bowl or platter, and everyone can use an extra set of these around. It’s an all-around safe yet stylish gift that anyone would love!


Wissotzky Tea Chest Box



I love the idea of tea as a gift because it encourages the host to sit, relax, and take some time to him or herself. Wissotzky is a trusted and recognizable brand that is well known for its delicious flavors and quality teas. With its sleek black box, all it needs is a wide satin ribbon and this gift is ready to give.


Wildflower Notebooks



I like to give my host a gift that they won’t buy for themselves. Sometimes a luxurious gift, other times a more practical gift, like these notebooks. The floral pattern cover is absolutely beautiful. It’s perfect given on its own, or would will look great next to a bottle of Bartenura’s blue Moscato.


Stripe Woven Table Runner



This table runner reminds me of Kriyat Yam Suf (the splitting of the Red Sea) without any of the loud graphics often featured on Passover linens. I originally stumbled upon it on Pottery Barn’s website. When I saw that Amazon sold it too, I was, well, sold! It’s tasteful, made of 100% cotton, and is the perfect touch to brighten any table decor!


Personalized Tote Bag



There is a something about a good tote bag that I secretly love. It’s so simple and down to earth, but is always used and appreciated! With new bans on plastic bags and with farmer’s market and beach season upon us (okay, I’m getting ahead of myself with the beach), this bag is a great gift option. It also has the option to add a monogram for a personalized (and expensive looking) touch. If you’re looking to spend a bit more, then add any number of goodies inside for a complete package.


Ways to Fold a Napkin Book



My parents have a napkin folding book at their house and I love flipping through the pages whenever I’m there for Shabbat or Yom Tov. It’s the perfect gift to enjoy during or after Passover. Plus, you may even be inspired to give some designs a try for the Seders!


Toilet Paper Origami Book



Stay with me on this one. I know what you’re thinking. A book about toilet paper? Yes. Well, yes and no. I like to put this under the “hospitality” category. For my family (and many of yours), Passover is a holiday where we gather with lots of family. We cook a ton, clean every spot of the house, and dress in our finest clothes. Well, to me, the look and feel of my home, especially over such an important holiday, is very important as well. Down to every detail, like the toilet paper. It might feel silly to flip through the pages, but once your guests gush over your flower-shaped toilet paper, it’ll be worth the less traditional read.


$45 and Under


Match Cloche



I love when an ordinary item like a matchbox is turned into something extraordinary. This handblown glass cloche is the perfect upgrade to that paper matchbox sitting next to the Shabbat candles. Practical and beautiful all in one? Yes, please!


Marble Tic-Tac-Toe Game Set



Fancy marble games can cost hundreds on other sites. At just below $40, this is the perfect gift for someone who has everything. It’s classic and sleek with a bit of added fun and humor.


Sherpa Robes



When I first got married, my husband and I were gifted robes like these. I didn’t love them at first (not the most practical for a small apartment in NY), but we grew to love them. It’s one of those gifts that you probably wouldn’t gift yourself, but you sure do appreciate when it comes wrapped in a pretty gift box.


Dip Bowls



Everyone loves a good ole dip on Passover. They’re dishes that tastes like year-round no matter what the recipe. Your hostess can elevate those dips with the help of pretty bowls like these. They are eclectic, bold, yet traditional all at the same time.


$60 and Under


Gardenshire Pitcher


This pitcher is hand-painted with dainty florals and just perfect for the season. It has a vintage country vibe that will make any mealtime special.


Natural Throw Blanket



Throws are always a welcomed hostess gift. There are so many out there to chose from, but this one caught my eye because of its organic, natural style. It would match to just about any couch, chair, or day bed, and looks way more expensive than it really is. Write a note to your host saying, “Now it’s time to put up your feet and relax.”


Hand & Dish Soap Marble Caddy Kitchen Set



For anyone who missed my birthday, you can send me this as a belated gift. LOL. What is it about sleek, clear soap bottles on a pretty caddy that is always so exciting to receive? To make an already popular gift option even better, this set is made in the USA with plant-based ingredients that are gentle on the hands and environment. Your host will be reminded of you each time they smell the light and fresh aromas of citrus and cedar.


Le Chateau Red Wine Decanter



There’s no better time to gift a wine decanter than right before Passover. With just about five thousand 4.5-star reviews, this elegant decanter (and its great price) is a solid choice for saying “thank you” to your host.


Classic Glass Cups & Saucers



Bring along the finishing touch to your host’s Passover table with the help of these individual wine cups. It’s a gift they can look forward to using year after year!


$80 and Under


Leather Accessory Box



As we get to the more expensive gift options on our list, you’ll see a natural switch to timeless, heirloom pieces that never go out of style. Like this leather accessory box, which your host will keep for years to come. It’s the type of piece that can be passed down through generations and will undoubtedly show your appreciation for all your host’s efforts.


Personalized Silver-Plated Frame



Another piece that will never go out of style, this silver-plated frame is a gift that you don’t have to second guess.


Waterford Ring Crystal Holder



I love the idea of giving a ring holder as it can be used to “store” rings in a closet, or can be placed next to the kitchen sink for a safe place to put your rings while you wash.


$120 and Under


Classic Woven Picnic Basket



I can personally vouch for this picnic basket. It was an engagement gift my husband and I received, and we (to our surprise) got a lot of use out of it. It makes a simple outing like going to the park extra special and is probably not something your host already owns.


Air Fryer



Air fryers are all the rage right now, and even if your host already owns one, they probably don’t own a Pesachdik one. It’s perfect for “frying” up treats over Chol Hamoed.


Smart WiFi Digital Photo Frame



Photo frames never go out of style, and with the latest features, this one can have pictures uploaded virtually via an app. For an even more touching gift, add photos onto the frame before gifting!


Well, there you have it. MANY gift ideas for many different budgets and tastes. Order now and thank me later.