The Purim Table Decor Your Kids Need to Make Now

Esther Ottensoser February 21, 2018

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Is it a place setting idea? Is it a fun centerpiece? Is it dessert before dinner? How about all three?!


When Kosher.com approached me to showcase a Purim setup, my goal was to present not only a cheerful, Purim themed centerpiece, but also one that included a kid-friendly, simple craft that could be done as a family project. Making origami paper pinwheels is an extremely versatile craft! It is easy enough that children can make it with little supervision and lovely enough to add some whimsy to any event you are planning decor for. Add a marshmallow clown face and hands and feet, and watch the finished product bring smiles and good cheer to your Purim table!


This fun centerpiece also doubles as place setting cards for guests at your Purim party! Just add a label and voilá! Instant tablesetting decor!

Photography by Jolee Photography


  • Scrapbook paper, printed and solid
  • Votive glasses
  • Gumballs
  • Skewers
  • Marshmallow clown pops (I found this at my local grocery store, but feel free to get creative and draw your own on large marshmallows with food safe markers or melted chocolate!)
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Glue
  • Corn syrup or icing
  • Cake stand-single or 2 tier
  • Labels (for place setting card option) 


  1. Using the ruler, cut out 3” squares from the printed scrapbooking paper.
  2. Fold your square in half, corner to corner to create a triangle. Unfold and repeat folding in the other direction. You should now have two creases creating an X on your square. 
  3. Make a pencil mark along the crease lines, about 1/3 of the way from center, and cut along fold lines until you reach the pencil mark. Then bring every other point into the center and fold.

  4. Cut hands and feet shapes out of the solid papers.
  5. Remove the clown faces from the clown pop.
  6. Flip the pinwheel over and attach the clown face using a dab of corn syrup or icing. Glue on the hands and feet using corn syrup, and allow to dry completely.
  7. Stick skewer into the clown. (You may have to stick it in on a slight angle to hold in place.)
  8. Fill votive glasses with gumballs to weight the pinwheel, and stick clown skewers into votives.

    Tip: To get the clowns to stand straight, try sticking the skewer half of a softer candy, like a sour cherry, with the sticky side sticking to the glass. You can also wrap the bottom of the skewer in a little bit of saran wrap or tin foil to add weight to the bottom of the skewer. 

  9. Arrange the votives on the cake stand.
  10. If using a 2 tier platter-fill the bottom with gumballs.


To create place settings, add labels to the votives


 Now you’re ready for an unforgettable Purim seudah! For more creative ideas from Esther, check out Crafts by Esther O! And make sure to tag @kosherdotcom to show us your creations.