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The Secret Hack That Will Make Your Sukkot Cooking So Easy!

Kosher.com Staff October 3, 2022

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Sponsored by Patchke

With all the cooking we’re tackling over the next couple of weeks, what better time to introduce you to the hack that will make all your cooking that much easier?

Introducing the best disposable kitchen products out there, including our favorite measuring spoons, and cups by Patchke!

Disposable Measuring Teaspoon

Three words. Disposable measuring spoons. Perfect for traveling, and for all the cooking and baking we’re all doing right now. Just toss when you’re done for easy cleanup. These spoons are also great for putting in your canisters for brown sugar, bread crumbs, tea leaves, or coffee, if you’d rather not throw them away.

Disposable Measuring Tablespoon

Need a bigger measuring spoon? These tablespoons are also perfect for traveling, and for all the cooking and baking we’re all doing right now.

Disposable Measuring Cup

This package comes with 40 8-oz. disposable measuring cups that are marked with bold, easy to read measurements in both ounce and fraction units. The cups and lids are fully transparent, providing excellent visibility of the contents inside. These are perfect for a marathon of cooking, but also work well for crafts, travel, and science-themed birthday parties!

Long Handle Spoon

These 9-inch long handle, heavy-duty iced tea spoons are specially designed to reach the bottom of deep containers like an ice cream soda glass, tall dessert cup, milkshake, or tall coffee mug! They are made of high quality food grade plastic, and are dishwasher safe, if you chose to reuse them.