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These Challah Ice Cream Sandwiches Are Exactly What We Want This Shabbat

Kosher.com Staff August 11, 2022

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When we stumbled across the Sicilian treat, “Gelato con brioche”, the first thing that came to mind was, that looks like a challah ice cream sandwich- perfect for a hot Shabbat day!



The Sicilian version is made with gelato, and with Tuscanini’s new gelato line, it not only comes close to the original dessert, it tastes just like it! With flavors like Hazelnut, Chocolate, and Strawberry Banana, you basically get to travel to Italy without ever leaving home.



The best part? The sweet sandwich requires no cooking or baking, so there’s no turning on a hot oven, and it takes one minute flat to prepare.



Here’s what you’ll need:

Tuscanini Gelato
Challah Rolls (toasted if desired)



Remove gelato from the freezer and let soften for five minutes. Cut each roll in half, like a sandwich. Top each bottom half of the rolls with two scoops of gelato. Press the top roll gently on top to adhere and serve immediately.


Stay cool, and Shabbat Shalom!