These Donut Faces Will MAKE Your Chanukah Party

Rachel Kor December 6, 2022

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Are you hosting a Chanukah party this year? If the answer is yes then have I got a must-make for you! 


I call them DONUT FACES! 



Everyone who sees them has the same reaction, “Those are the cutest things I’ve ever seen!” They already have a fan base, and have multiple nicknames in the kosher.com circle (donut people, a choir of donuts, donut tribe). No matter what you want to call them, one thing they most definitely are is a must at your party.


These cuties will hands-down make you the greatest host of all time!


And the best part is that they are SO easy to make. Here we used store-bought donuts. There’s no frying necessary, so you can just focus on the cute little details.



What you will need:


  • Donuts with holes in the center
  • Candy eyes (these can be found in most craft stores in the cake decorating aisle)
  • Pink sugar-coated candy belts
  • Frosting or melted chocolate




1. With a clean scissor, cut your candy belts to about 2 inches in length. Use a scissor to round out one of the ends, to make it look like a tongue.


2. Attach the eyes and tongue with either frosting or melted chocolate. 


3. Allow to dry before serving.


Not “if”, but “when” you make these, be sure to snap a bunch of pics, post them online, and tag us!


Photography by Sara Goldstein