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This DIY Ring Holder Is Perfect When Washing On Shabbat

This DIY Ring Holder Is Perfect When Washing On Shabbat

Rings are such gorgeous accessories, but where can we put them while we wash Hamotzi on Shabbat? Wouldn’t it be great if there was a safe and beautiful place where we could place our rings other than our mouth?


You are in luck! What better place to store your rings safely when you wash, than this adorable Shabbat candle ring holder! Gather the materials, and let’s create!



You Will Need:


  • Paintbrush
  • Paint
  • Gold sequin trim (optional)






1. Separate the clay into 1 large ball, 1 medium size ball, and 3 small balls.


2. Flatten the large ball into a flat oval circle.


3. Pinch the ends of the oval circle upward to form a tray.


4. Separate 1 small ball into 2 thin ropes and place them on the 2 sides of the tray to form handles.


5. Separate another small clay ball to form 2 small circles.


6. Flatten the 2 small circles and place them on the tray to form “candlesticks.”


7. Separate the medium size clay ball to form 2 ropes for candles.


8. Place the candles onto the tray in an upright position.


9. Separate the last small ball into 2 and pinch once side together to form 2 small flames.


10. Attach the flames to the top of the candle.


11. Allow the clay to dry and harden.


12. Once the clay is dry, you can paint the ring holder with your desired colors.

13. Allow the paint to dry completely.



14. You can embellish the tray with gemstones of your choice.


Your adorable and practical ring holder is now ready to use! Enjoy!