To Occupy The Kids On The Fast Day, Try Bubble Foam Play

Sara and Yossi Goldstein July 24, 2023

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It is hard to balance connecting on the fast day when your kids are home and bored. We need easy, do-it-yourself activities that will keep the kids occupied long after the arts and crafts portion is over. This bubble foam project is the perfect antidote for the ninth hour when you’re too weak and hungry to do much. It has kid-friendly steps, so you can just delegate from your seat on the couch. And with the countless ways to use this foam, here’s hoping everyone will be nice and busy until the fast is over.


Bubble Foam Play

Pour bubble foam into a water table or a large plastic bin and add the toys of your choice like spoons, cups, and toy fish.
I prefer using bubble bath because it’s tear free for the little ones, but dish soap works well in a pinch. Make sure you whip everything together for two minutes for the best results!


1/2 cup water
1/4 cup tear-free bubble bath or clear dish soap
Drops of washable paint or food coloring


Large clear bin or water table
Hand mixer


1. Combine the ingredients in a large bowl. Beat with a hand mixer for two minutes until fluffy.

2. Add to the water table and use immediately.