Use Squeeze Bottles To Fill Your Hamantaschen In Minutes!

Rachel Kor February 19, 2023

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We’ve got a fun new way of making hamantaschen that creates less of a mess, is quick, and is a really fun way for the kids to get involved.



Simply put your favorite hamantaschen fillings in these squeeze bottles, and let your kids use them to fill all the cut-out circles of cookie dough.




When testing this hack, we found that there was less of a mess (think of all the spoons you normally use), the fillings were applied more neatly and evenly, it was much quicker, and way more fun than using a teaspoon!



Please note that more runny fillings work best with these bottles (for example, brownie batter, jelly, pudding etc.). For brownie batter, we recommend chilling first.



If the filling is too thick, use scissors to trim the tip of the bottle.


Be sure to label your bottles if you plan on using multiple fillings!


Happy baking!


Photography by Sara Goldstein