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The Making Of Tuscanini’s New Film (View The Masterpiece Here!)

Kosher.com Staff March 15, 2021

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Tuscanini is proud to present La Ricerca Della Perfezione, a heartwarming film produced by Heart.works in conjunction with Rome-based firm Ensemble 3.0. “It is a true work of heart for a most passionate brand,” says Motty Landau, Heart.works CEO. “We love working with brands like Tuscanini who are so invested in their product and passionate about every single detail.” In the film, a boy’s determined quest conveys pride and passion in authentic Italian quality, all the way through the grand finale.



The Italian producers were thrilled with the novelty of shooting a kosher production, and were exceptionally flexible about accommodating the various sensitivities that it entailed. They welcomed the challenge with ingenuity and pure Italian grit. “Working with Heart.works was a pleasure,” says Emanuele Angeloni, Executive Producer at 3.0. “We put our imaginations to the task, starting with the smallest seed of a concept until we arrived at the final product, built to portray the quality and perfection of the Tuscanini brand.”


Marco Russo, 3.0 Producer, concurs. “The Tuscanini project was a great opportunity to craft a beautifully shot product with an exceptional team. Heart.Works and Emanuele’s vision really gave us great creative material to work with,” he says. “The challenges were many, but thanks to the wonderful and professional teams we managed to produce a film of the highest quality.”



Months were spent on the conceptual development and storyboarding, while costumes were carefully researched and designed to recreate the authentic period dress. This was a tedious, time-consuming process which was greatly enjoyed by all, especially once the time came to film. “The Tuscanini movie set was warm and welcoming,” says Flavia Galinari Zanin, Costume Designer. “It was an experience that allowed me to appreciate our country even more, and allowed me to meet a brand that is so invested in the origin and quality of its products.”



The Heart.works team arrived in Italy to film in November, braving COVID precautions and chilly weather. The action spanned the rolling hills of the countryside to the Italian fishing village of Anzio, with over forty people on set. The timetable was packed, between shooting on shore, aboard boats, and meeting Italian sea captains and talented young actors.


There were some perilous moments at the dock, with no small measure of daring required of the production team. “We jumped ship with all our equipment over the gap while both boats were rocking on the waves” says Elyanna, Heart.works Film Coordinator. “It was unforgettable.”


They filmed the second segment of the film in the Rieti Province, high in the Italian countryside. Most of the action happened in a rustic Tuscan cottage, heaving with techs, grips and actors who bustled around while the core team checked off a list of products for placement in each shot.



Each scene was carefully set with props and pictures, styled meticulously to create a flawless viewing experience. The beautiful results on each subsequent set was a result of much planning and team collaboration. “Working on this project was very exciting,” says Maurizia Narducci, Set Designer. “The team was encouraged to consult with each other and exchange ideas, which I believe helped greatly in the creative process of the film.”



The cinematography was professionally led under the direction of Simonluca Fraioli, who had no end to the cool effects up his sleeve. He played with tricks of the light, smoke and mirrors and artificial suns in the old cottage and throughout the Italian hills. “This project has been a real pleasure,” he tells us. “It wasn’t an easy one, as there were many locations and setups and elements that needed to fall in place at the same time. On top of that, the days were shorter than usual, this being winter time. It was thanks to careful planning and execution from every member of the crew and cast that we managed to pull such an amazing film.”



The next scene brought them to Monteleone Sabino, an estate on an Italian olive grove, and finally to an actual olive grove in the hills of Poggio Nativo. The very last scene to be shot was the marketplace, constructed in Italian village called Collelungo. The filming was incredibly smooth throughout. “It was like a perfectly oiled machine,” recalls Elyanna. “There were wardrobe and makeup staff tucking stray hairs, food techs switching up the produce, technicians adjusting lighting, and set designers moving props around. And then the clapperboard dude snaps his stick, the screens switch on to record, and there’s an instant hush…”



When the last scene was filmed, the US team flew home for the long and careful process of post-production. They worked closely with their Italian counterparts to polish the final cut, editing and revising until it was flawlessly executed. In a nod to the film’s significance, its original score was composed under lockdown by award-winning Italian artist Andrea Grant, and recorded by the renowned Leonardo Spinedi, First Violinist in the Rome Philharmonic Orchestra. The final is simply breathtaking. Initial reviews have been excited and enthusiastic. In the words of Aussie foodie Naomi Nachman, “Gourmet food meets film in the traditional pursuit of perfection. Bellissimo!”


After months of work on the short, the Heart.works team is proud to debut the final cut. It’s promising to be quite a show. Don’t miss it! Watch the film below: