What A Nutritionist Eats for Lunch on Chol Hamoed

Miriam Alter, RDN April 11, 2022

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Hi there! In this article I am looking forward to sharing with you my favorite Pesach lunches. These are the alternatives I turn to when I am looking for a non-matzo and eggs meal, though those are delicious! Does anyone relate??

To make it onto my favorites list, a lunch has to:

1) taste good
2) be easy to prep in advance
3) provide some fiber, protein, and micronutrients to keep me feeling good and feeling full


The Loaded Potato:

At one point during a cooking marathon, I throw in a couple potatoes to bake. When lunch rolls around, I can grab a potato, slice it in half and slit the flesh of the potato a couple of times. I then load it as I please and stick it back in the oven for just a couple more minutes. My two favorite toppings are broccoli and muenster, or salsa, olives and shredded cheddar. I find that loaded potatoes can be a kid-friendly choice too- top it with cheese and serve it with a side of… ketchup and sliced veggies too, of course!


The Sweet Potato Toast:

This is a favorite of mine year round as well! It is delicious made fresh, though it reheats beautifully. I usually end up making a bunch of sweet  potato when I am already cooking to keep in the fridge. Slice the sweet potato into thick rounds, spray well with cooking oil (as opposed to drizzling the oil) and spice with salt, pepper, garlic powder and paprika. Bake at 425 degrees Fahrenheit until soft and starting to brown. Serve on a bed of lettuce, and top with cottage cheese. I like to add sliced tomatoes as well.


The Lunch Salad:

Lettuce, assorted veggies, a scoop of tuna, craisins, nuts, avocado… the options are endless! You can add some leftover sweet potato from yesterdays lunch too, if there is any. Realize that one of these salads should keep you full for a while as the add-ins are pretty high calorie. You can also mix and match according to your own taste with different protein options- egg, salmon, leftover chicken. Nuts, avocado, olives and oil/mayo are all sources of fat, and craisins and sweet potato are both carbohydrate options.


The Soup Option:

I love keeping a chunky vegetable soup or smooth, thick bisque simmering on the stove. It gives the house a welcoming smell, and is easy to serve up to a crowd. On Pesach, when I can’t make a lunch soup using legumes, I top my soups with shredded cheese. Soup is also easy to take on the go in a hot cup.



The Yogurt Bar:

To eat yogurt as a full meal, top with nuts or diced fruit. To feed a group of people, it’s fun to put out yogurt cups and let all the little ones (and big ones!) top their own yogurts. I choose to use plain Greek yogurt, as Greek yogurt contains a good amount of protein and is super creamy. I like the contrast between the tart yogurt and sweet fruit toppings. If you have some cooked fruit or fruit sauce (without added sugars, of course) you can layer that in too.