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Win $2,000 For Your Signature Recipe

Win $2,000 For Your Signature Recipe

By: Elisheva Blumberg, Lubicom Marketing Staff


If you’re reading this, we want your recipes. (Yes, we’re talking to you!)


We believe that every person — from pro chef to home cook — has something valuable to share. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce the Mykosher.com contest.



With MyKosher, you get the opportunity to share your own personal recipes with family, friends, and foodie fans around the world. And what’s more, every signature recipe you share is another chance to win cash and prizes in our just-launched MyKosher Recipe Contest. (See contest details here.)


It’s about nurturing that special passion for cooking and sharing…


We spoke with Chanie Nayman, Editor in Chief of Kosher.com and Editor at Mishpacha Magazine’s Family Table, who shares her vision for this exciting new concept.


Elisheva Blumberg: What inspired you to create MyKosher?


Chanie Nayman: Through all my years of developing and curating recipes, I’ve been inspired by the passion people have to share their own creations. 


For example, I remember a woman who called me last summer. She was super excited about this amazing summer dessert she created. She just wanted to let someone know about it! 


And she wasn’t alone — I have met so many people eager to share their recipes ideas with the world.



Elisheva Blumberg: So this MyKosher contest gives people a chance to share what they’ve created?


Chanie Nayman: Exactly. Someone doesn’t have to be a food blogger or cookbook author to have something special to share. I wanted to give everyone a platform in which they can share their unique and delicious recipes with all of us.


Elisheva Blumberg: What kind of recipes can people share in the contest?


Chanie Nayman: We created this contest as a way for people to share their signature dishes.


Elisheva Blumberg: What exactly is a signature dish? Does everyone have one?


Chanie Nayman: Your signature dish is something that has your special fingerprint on it. It is a dish you developed on your own. It either happened as a result of an ‘aha’ moment in the kitchen, or a comedy of errors that resulted in something amazing. Either way, that dish is now your signature! It might be the dish that you are known for, and therefore bring it to family/friends affairs. 



Elisheva Blumberg: Do the submitted recipes for the contest need to be really special or extravagant?


Chanie Nayman: Not at all! I cannot stress enough that this contest is for everyone. Truly. You can submit any of your signature recipes. It does not need to be fancy. It can be your spin on nutty buddies, or even a unique salad dressing that combines two unexpected ingredients. We want to see recipes from your point of view.


Elisheva Blumberg: How different does the signature recipe need to be from any previously-published recipes?


Chanie Nayman: The guidelines for submission require that it is an original recipe. If you took inspiration from an outside source, your tweaks must be significant enough that it does not feel similar to the original recipe in any way. We take this very seriously. It can also be an old family recipe that hasn’t been published elsewhere.


Elisheva Blumberg: Ultimately, how do you envision people using Mykosher.com?


Chanie Nayman: It’s all about sharing. I’m always amazed at how people love to share recipes with others. It’s this incredible graciousness that people have to share and give to others. 


I envision MyKosher being that place where people can easily share their signature dishes with one another. It’s about nurturing that special passion for cooking and sharing food.


MyKosher recipe contest


Now everyone has a platform to share their recipes — and a chance to win big!


Just submit your signature recipe(s) here.


You can win the following cash and prizes:



Maestro Chef (1st prize): Win $2,000 cash and have your recipe featured on Kosher.com


Executive Chef (2nd prize): Win $1,000 cash and have your recipe featured on Kosher.com


Sous Chef (3rd prize): Win a Japanese chef’s knife and have your recipe featured on Kosher.com


A few details to keep in mind before entering your recipe in the contest:


1. There is no limit on the number of entries, so you can submit as many recipes as you’d like!

2. Quality counts. Before submitting, review your recipe for errors or typos.

3. Be sure you have the rights to the recipe (and that it hasn’t been previously published in any cookbooks or magazines).

4. You cannot submit a recipe on your friend’s behalf — it must be your own work.

Submit your recipe here by February 23rd at 11:59pm.


And remember — the MyKosher contest is for every kind of recipe and every kind of cook. In other words, this means you! 


We are so excited to see your signature recipes and to share them with our readers. So let’s get cooking!