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YeahThatsKosher’s NYC Family Activity + Food Guide

Dani and Arielle Klein August 28, 2018

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Now that camp is over and school hasn’t yet started, you’re probably hearing a lot of “I’m bored”, “He hit me”, “She stole my toy”, and all your kids other favorite refrains. Finding fun activities can be a daunting process, plus thinking about food on top of that.

As parents of young children we know the struggle is real, so we’ve put together a list of fun activities in NYC plus nearby restaurants to help you get through the next week with your sanity intact. Thank us later.


When the weather outside isn’t cooperating (like all the rain and unbearable humidity we’ve had), museums are a cool and dry place to hang out. NY is the museum capital, so we can’t possibly list them all, but here are some of our favorites.

The Tenement Museum, located on the Lower East side of Manhattan, tells the story of immigrants in NY. It is chock full of history about the lower east side’s early Jewish residents and other immigrants who settled there in the 19th century through the 21st. Explore the two historic tenements, take a historic walking tour of the Lower east side and meet costumed reenactors telling the immigrants stories.

Before you go, head over to Noga for an delicious brunch or stop in after for dinner. Noga offers seasonal, fresh, dairy and fish dishes, salads, pastas, toasts, coffee, and pizza, in a beautiful restaurant setting.


The Jewish Museum located in a former mansion on the Upper East Side, is home to fascinating Jewish artifacts, as well as exhibits by famous Jewish artists, The archeology zone exhibit allows children what happens when archaeologists unearth artifacts and bring them back to their labs to study.

When you’re done exploring head downstairs and grab a bite to eat at the famous Russ and Daughters Cafe. Enjoy delicious lox, smoked fish, bagels, salads, challah french toast and traditional Jewish fare like borscht, and Blintzes. (Supervised by National Kosher Supervision.)

  • The Jewish Children’s Museum
    The Jewish Children’s Museum is located in the heart of Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Explore Jewish life from the 6 days of creation to Shabbat and keeping a kosher kitchen. Take a voyage through Jewish history starting from the time of Adam and Eve, through the Holocaust.
  • The Brooklyn Children’s Museum, also located in Crown Heights, is chock full of wonderful kids activities. From a fabulous play space for younger kids to the sensory room and color lab, there is so much to keep your kids busy.

In our opinion, some of the best kosher food in the country is located in Crown Heights, and while we can’t list everything here are some of our favorites where you can grab a bite to eat with your kids either before or after your museum visit.

We also love Alenbi, but that’s a less ideal location to bring the kids.



Outdoor Activities

If the weather is nice, there are lots of fun outdoor activities to check out throughout the city.

Located across a large swath of the city, Central Park is a tranquil green oasis in an otherwise concrete jungle. The Carousel dates back to 1908 and has recently been restore to its former glory. The Conservatory water offers toy speed boats that you can rent and race around the water, and there are of course lots of green spaces and playgrounds scattered throughout the park to enjoy.

  • The Central Park Zoo was one of my favorite places to explore growing up. From the red pandas to the adorable sea lions there’s always something fun to do.

If you’re hungry afterward the city is chock full of kosher options. Some of our nearby favorites:


Need to cool off? There are some amazing water parks to check out in NYC to close out the last few days of summer vacation. Recently reopened Chelsea Waterside Park Play Area is every kids dream.

When you’re done splashing around head over for a bite to eat in midtown which is a quick uber ride away. Our recommendations:


Hopefully this list will help give you ideas to help keep everyone entertained, fed and happy.

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Jewish Children’s Museum photo courtesy of jcm.museum

Chelsea Waterside Play Area photo courtesy of hudsonriverpark.org