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Yeshiva Week: 7 Ways to Create Unforgettable Vacation Days from Home

Goldy Buxbaum December 29, 2021

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There’s beauty in keeping things simple and wholesome. 


When the walls in your home bear witness to the good ‘ole memories you built, there’s nothing healthier than that. Vacation days are the best times, and it’s important to make them so.


The winter is long and cold. With our hectic schedules, we hardly spend any quality time at home during the day. Sometimes a relaxing day hits the spot just so.


So, how can you turn a long vacation week into the most incredible and memorable time of the year? One way is by planning your day around the theme.


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7 Ways to Create Unforgettable Vacation Days from Home:



  1. A Day at the Spa
    It’s always important to begin by creating the perfect ambiance. Set your home with dim lighting and put out some scented candles. Next, set up some spa stations such as a mani and pedi station and take turns pampering each other. This is all done best nestled in a luxurious bathrobe that’s soft and plush. If you’re going to do it, do it in style.

    Next, set some time for a hot bath accompanied by bath salts and bath bombs. Don’t forget about your beautiful face; it deserves some pampering too. Treat yourself with a wonderful face mask and relax.

    After all that is done, if you make it out of the bath, that is, you likely will be hungry. Ordering in a nice lunch from your favorite restaurant is an excellent way to round out the day – ’cause you’ll be way too exhausted to head out once your muscles are so relaxed.

  2. A Day as an Art Connoisseur

    It’s nice being cultured for the day – whether you’re the type or pretending is no one’s business. All sophisticated individuals are into the arts. Visit a local art museum. It’s a pleasant experience; the talent will blow your mind.

    To keep within the day’s theme, end off with an elegant dinner, either out or at home on fine china.

    Your art day wouldn’t be complete without an at-home paint party. Pull out some canvases, brushes, and paint. Brush up on the art skills hidden within you.


  3. A Day as a Tourist
    Did you ever have the chance to explore your city? I bet most of us haven’t checked out a fraction of the sites right around the corner from us. It would be so amusing to dress the part and do it! With an extra sweatshirt, backpack, umbrella, camera, sneakers, and binoculars for good measure, you’re good to go. Visit the places you’ve yet to explore. Engage in conversation with the locals and get some advice about sites you should visit. I challenge you to grab a picture with a random stranger. No vacation is complete without souvenirs. (The overpriced junk that no one uses, ever.)

  4. A Day at the Beach
    Can you smell the ocean? I can smell it, and when I close my eyes, I can hear it too. Just because the beach is miles away doesn’t mean you should be deprived of its beauty.

    Set up a projector to play images of the beach, including some white noise ocean sounds. The sound of the crashing waves is so calming and relaxing. Lay some beach towels over your beach chairs and delight in your makeshift beach scene.

    Put out some fun drink mixes like pina coladas and strawberry daiquiris.

    This is the best time to engage in chilled activities such as getting lost in a good book, crossword puzzles, or coloring books with fun pencils.

  5. A Day in the Past
    Build new memories while reminiscing about the good ‘ole times. Watch all the old home videos at and laugh through the times long gone. Perhaps invite some friends and cousins over and share the laughter. It would only be right to serve some of the family’s favorite comfort foods. Get comfy and snuggle under the coziest blanket and enjoy wholesome quality time with your loved ones.

  6. A Day of Culture
    Ever wondered what it would be like to experience a different nationality? Start the day by visiting an international food market and browsing the aisles. You’d be surprised at what kosher foods can be bought at these places. Pick some interesting items off the shelf and bring them home with you. Next, set up an at-home Chopped competition, including the new, strange ingredients you just picked up. You may be left with a dinner full of flavor – or no dinner at all. It’s guaranteed a fun day where you explore, learn, and exercise your creative muscles.

  7. A Day of Games
    Some competitive energy in your bones? Roll up your sleeves and get cracking. There are two types of people in this atmosphere – winners and losers. Dim the lights and set up some LED strip lights to get into the groove. There are two ways you can do this (both require popcorn, pizza, fries, ice cream, game-day-favorite finger foods, and a 7/11 run). You can 1. Set up an at-home game show like Wheel Of Fortune, Charades, Pictionary, and more; OR 2. Lay out your favorite board games such as Monopoly, Ticket to Ride, Catan, Risk, and Candyland for the younger ones. Depending on your competitive streak, this may take up hours or days. Monopoly is a game that never ends.


With the airports being crazy and flights being canceled right and left, staying home becomes the preferred option. Running away doesn’t always result in a better vacation week. 

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