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You Can Make This Stunning Floral Centerpiece For Shavuot!

Rachel Kor May 19, 2020

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There is something about a beautiful flower arrangement that adds instant happiness, freshness and a sense of celebration (even if just celebrating the everyday) to your home.


With Shavuot coming up, there’s no better time to learn how to make a stunning centerpiece that will guarantee smiles at your table.


With a few supplies, you too can make a stunning floral arrangement for Shavuot. Here’s how it all goes down.



You Will Need:


• Sharp shears or clippers 

• A vase, or other vessel of your choice

• Your favorite seasonal flowers (some large buds, small buds, greenery and filler). 

• Scotch tape as used here, optional


Step 1:


Cut the stems of your flowers at a 45-degree angle, leaving most of your stems relatively the same length as eachother. Leave a few greens, accent flowers and bigger blooms longer than the rest and save for step 5. Fill your vase with cold water.



Step 2:


Start by placing your greens or branches along the base. You can place even longer greens on each side of your vase to create a “draping” effect along your table. (Works best with shorter vases-not pictured.)



Step 3:


Next, add smaller accent flowers, filler, and buds in all directions. Evenly place each color and type of flower around the entire arrangement to create a symmetrical pattern.



Step 4:


For the finishing touches, start placing your bigger blooms. These flowers should be the most noticeable, so place them in any empty spaces where they will be visible.



Step 5:


Your arrangement will be relatively the same height all around. At this point I like to add in the flowers and greens we kept a little longer to break up the symmetry a bit and to make it look looser and more organic.


There you have it! A STUNNING arrangement to grace your table on Shavuot, or anytime.




When prepping your flowers, remove any leaves that fall below the water line in your vase. Leaves left in water will cause the flowers and stems to rot more quickly.


In order for your arrangement to last longer, add fresh cold water to your vase every couple of days.


To ensure your arrangement stays in place, be sure to add enough stems so they can support each other. You can also use tape in a crisscross pattern on your vase, as seen here.