Kosher Slurpee List

Many kosher consumers want to know which flavors of slurpee are certified kosher. The OU certifies a number of Coca-Cola syrups that are used in Slurpee. To purchase Slurpees, it is necessary to verify two things: Is the syrup made by Coca-Cola, and is the specific syrup OU certified? Irrespective of store claims, one can only be certain that a Coca-Cola syrup is used by checking the label on the syrup box. However, the Coca-Cola labels on syrup boxes do not bear an OU symbol. Provided below is a list of all OU certified Fountain Frozen Syrups. If uncertain about a particular Coca-Cola syrup, one can verify its certification status by calling the OU Kosher office at 212-613-8241, emailing [email protected] or by checking special tags that are sometimes displayed on the Slurpee machine that display the Coca-Cola logo and an OU.

The following Fountain Frozen Syrups are certified by the Orthodox Union. These syrups may be used in the production of Slurpees as per the statement above.

Barq’s Floatz FCBFanta Strawberry FCB
Coca-Cola Black Cherry Vanilla FCBFanta Strawberry Pineapple FCB
Coca-Cola FCBFanta Strawberry Shortcake FCB
Dasani Sparkling BerryFanta Sugar Free Cherry Limeade FCB
Dasani Sparkling LimeFanta Sugar Free Key Lime Pie FCB
Diet Coke Frost Cherry FCBFanta Sugar Free Mango FCB
Diet Coke Frost FCBFanta Sugar Free Mango Passionfruit FCB
Diet Coke Frost with Lime FCBFanta Sugar Free Orange Crème FCB
Fanta Banana FCBFanta Sugar Free Peach Mandarin FCB
Fanta Berry Lemonade FCBFanta Sugar Free Pineapple Coconut Lime FCB
Fanta Birthday Cake FCBFanta Sugar Free Pineapple FCB
Fanta Blackberry FCBFanta Sugar Free Strawberry Banana FCB
Fanta Blackberry Lemonade FCBFanta Sugar Free Strawberry Kiwi FCB
Fanta Blackberry Pomegranate FCBFanta Sugar Free Watermelon FCB
Fanta Blood Orange FCBFanta Sugar Free Watermelon Punch FCB
Fanta Blood Orange Lychee FCBFanta Sugar Free Winter White Berry FCB
Fanta Blue Raspberry FCBFanta Sugar-free Orange Creamsicle FCB
Fanta Blue Vanilla FCBFanta Super Sour Cherry FCB
Fanta Blueberry FCBFanta Tropical Fusion FCB
Fanta Blueberry Lemonade FCBFanta Watermelon FCB
Fanta Cherry Limeade FCBFanta Watermelon Grapefruit Mint FCB
Fanta Chili Mango FCBFanta Watermelon Lime FCB
Fanta Cranberry FCBFanta Watermelon Splash FCB
Fanta Cranberry White Grape FCBFanta White Cherry FCB
Fanta Dragonfruit FCBFanta White Peach FCB
Fanta Extreme Sour Apple FCBFanta Wild Cherry FCB
Fanta Fruit Punch FCBFanta Wolfberry FCB
Fanta Grape FCBFanta Yumberry Blackcurrant FCB
Fanta Green Lemon Lime FCBFanta Yumberry Cherry FCB
Fanta Green Melon FCBFull Throttle Blue Demon FCB
Fanta Kiwi Strawberry FCBFull Throttle RPM FCB
Fanta Kumquat Orange FCBFull Throttle Twisted FCB
Fanta Lemon Meringue FCBHi-C Lime FUB
Fanta Lemonade FCBMaster Chill Bruisin Berry FCB Syrup
Fanta Lime Vanilla Cream SorbetMaster Chill Cinnamon Hazelnut Cappuccino FCB
Fanta Mango FCBMaster Chill Mango Tea FCB
Fanta Mango Melon FCBMaster Chill Purple Vanilla Crème FCB
Fanta Mango Passionfruit FCBMaster Chill Raspberry Acai FCB
Fanta Mixed Berry FCBMaster Chill Red Apple FCB
Fanta Orange Crème FCBMaster Chill Sour Strawberry FCB
Fanta Orange FCBMaster Chill Vanilla Creme FCB
Fanta Peach FCBMinute Maid Berry Lemonade FCB
Fanta Peach Raspberry FCBMinute Maid Blue Cherry FCB Syrup
Fanta Pina Colada FCB OU-DMinute Maid Lemonade FCB
Fanta Pineapple FCBMinute Maid Raspberry Lemonade FCB
Fanta Pink Sour Watermelon FCBMinute Maid Strawberry Lemonade FCB
Fanta Pomegranate Cherry FCBMountain Berry Blast by Powerade FCB
Fanta Pomegranate Passionfruit FCBPepe Rico Pomegranate Margarita FCB
Fanta Purple Berry Cherry FCBPlanet Java Caffe Latte FCB
Fanta Purple Vanilla FCBSprite Cranberry FCB
Fanta Raspberry Orange Cream FCBSprite FCB
Fanta Reduced Calorie Wild Cherry FCBSprite LeBron’s Mix FCB
Fanta Sour Apple FCBSprite Remix Aruba Jam FCB
Fanta Sour Grape FCBSugar Free Sprit Cranberry FCB
Fanta Sour Green Apple Watermelon FCBSugar Free Sprit FCB
Fanta Sour RedberrySurge FCB
Fanta Strawberry Banana FCBVault FCB
Fanta Strawberry Crème FCBVault Red Blitz FCB

Reprinted with permission from our partner OU Kosher, the largest American kosher certification agency.