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About the Laws of Kosher

Jewish Involvement in Kosher Food Preparation- How the rules for Jewish involvement in preparing food, bread, wine, milk, and cheese have helped preserve Jewish identity through thousands of years.

Dairy and Eggs- the kosher concerns related to milk, cheese, and eggs.

Wine and Grape Products- The specific requirements for wine to be kosher also affects various grape products and liqueurs.

Kosher Bread- What makes bread kosher? What ingredients are at risk of making it non-kosher? What's the deal with "yoshon"?

Kosher Meat, Poultry, and Fish- What types of animals are kosher? How is meat kashered? How is the process different nowadays than it used to be?


Milk and Meat- How to Keep a Kosher Kitchen

Keeping a Kosher Kitchen- Due to the requirement to separate milk and meat, a kosher kitchen needs two sets of pots, two sets of dishes, and sometimes even two ovens or two sinks.

Waiting Between Meat and Milk- For those who keep kosher, it's not enough to just eat meat and milk separately. There is a waiting period before one can eat milk products after eating meat.

Waiting After Hard Cheese- There's also a requirement to wait before eating meat, after eating certain types of aged cheese.

Parve Foods- Some foods are not meat and not dairy- they can be eaten with either. Here are some of the relevant criteria.




About the Brachot (Blessings) on Food What is the reason for making these blessings?

Brachot List- A reference chart of many of the most common foods and the correct blessings to make on each.

Tevilat Keilim- The OU's guide to immersing new pots, pans, and other kitchen items.

Hafrashat Challah- The OU's guide to the mitzvah of separating a portion of dough when making bread.

Bishul Yisroel- Guidelines for when a Jew is required to cook food in order for it to be kosher, and when it is not necessary.

Preparing an Eruv Tavshilin- When Shabbat falls out right after a day of Yom Tov, an eruv tavshilin permits you to make the necessary preparations. Here's how to do it.

Sous Vide Cooking and Kosher Law FAQ- As this method of vaccuum sealed slow cooking becomes popular among home cooks, many people are now starting to wonder, what are the halachic (Jewish legal) ramifications?

Kosher Slurpee List- Which flavors of Slurpee are kosher?


Watch "Kosher Unleashed" to learn more about the kosher food industry, and watch a kosher restaurant chef at work.


Kosher Unleashed - Tierra Sur at The Herzog Winery.

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