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2-Ingredient Apricot Jam


Fresh apricots make the best jam. Use perfectly ripe fruit for the most flavor. They should be plump, juicy-looking, and orange-yellow. Remember to handle carefully, as apricots bruise easily.


1. Wash the apricots well. Halve them, remove the pits, and weigh out the required amount of fruit.
2. Put the apricots through the food processor with the knife attachment to coarsely chop them. Do not mush them.
3. Pour them into a pot. Add the sugar, and bring to a boil.
4. When the sugar is melted, turn the fire to the lowest flame. Continue cooking uncovered for a few (three to five!) hours (see note), stirring occasionally, until the apricots are really soft, and the mixture looks thick.
5. Cool. Blend with a stick blender if desired (I did this). Pour into small containers, and freeze until use.

Notes: Please note that the jam is really ready after one to two hours. However, the flavor deepens (and so does the color) when it cooks longer. It’s up to you.