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Aioli Brisket


Garlic aioli is one of the best dips to have in your fridge. It is so versatile and oh, so good! Make this aioli for the meat and use the rest as a dip for your fish dishes, or thin it out and use it as a salad dressing.


Prepare the Aioli


In a tall, wide glass or container, combine garlic, vinegar, eggs, and seasonings. With a hand blender, blend until mixture starts to get frothy.


Slowly add measured oil, and blend until mixture thickens and forms a mayonnaise texture.


Mixture will thicken once it is refrigerated.

Prepare the Spice Rub


Combine all ingredients and massage into meat. Next, massage in 3 tablespoons garlic aioli. Place roast in baking pan.


A spice rub is a combination of ground spices that is rubbed on raw food before cooking, creating a coating. There are 2 different types of spice rubs—wet and dry. What’s the difference? A wet rub is a paste that you form using ground spices and oil. It sticks to the food much better than a dry rub, which does not contain oil.

Simply rub the spices on the raw food, getting into all the crevices. You can either marinate, allowing the flavors to combine and the food to tenderize, or cook immediately.

Prepare the Brisket


In a small bowl, combine wine, water, and garlic. Pour liquid around meat.


Cover tightly and bake for 2 hours, or until meat reaches desired doneness.