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Apple and Brie Latke Panini


Submitted by Dena Price


Yield: 1 panini (recipe may be doubled or quadrupled if your panini/frying pan is large enough).


Place hash-brown patties on small ungreased cookie sheet.


Bake for one minute less than stated on package directions or until the patties just start turning golden brown.


Remove from oven; set cookie sheet (with patties) on heat-safe surface until patties are cool enough to handle.


Meanwhile, heat panini press to 400 degrees Fahrenheit (see below if you don’t own a press).


Top one of the patties with two brie squares, followed by spinach, sage, red onion, balsamic vinegar, apple slices and remaining two brie squares. Top with remaining patty.


Transfer panini to press; close cover; cook for two to four minutes or until top has nicely browned grill marks. Serve hot.


If you don’t have a panini press: Place an ungreased frying pan over medium heat. Transfer panini to center of pan; press down with a spatula or small saucepan. Cook two to three minutes or until bottom patty is golden brown. Use a spatula to gently flip panini; press and repeat another two to three minutes or until golden brown and cheese starts to melt.