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Apple Butter “Knafeh” Cups


I love the combo of salty, sweet and flaky. I’m definitely not a cake kind of dessert person. So, I decided to try some flavors of knafeh by combining it with apple butter. These fall inspired flavors will certainly impress!


Prepare the Apple Butter “Knafeh” Cups

Yields 8 cups


If your phyllo dough is very large, cut the dough in half. With a sharp knife, cut it lengthwise into very thin strips. Put all the shreds in a large bowl.


With gloves on, coat the shredded phyllo in the canola oil and four tablespoons apple butter.


Press this mixture into a very well sprayed metal cupcake tin. Press your thumb down in each one to form eight phyllo cups. Bake at 350 for 30 minutes.


Mix the honey with the boiling water, until it forms a honey water. After the phyllo cups come out of the oven, brush them generously with the honey water while they are still warm. The phyllo will soak up the liquid- so be generous!


Whip the whip and add one heaping tablespoon of apple butter at the end. This will make your apple cream.


Fill the phyllo cups with apple butter cream and top with crushed pistachios.


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