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Artichoke Skirt Steak Salad


When I played with this recipe, my family knew they would be getting different variations of it. I served it every week for a month, tweaking it to perfection. Since skirt steak is a bit of a luxury item, we save this for Shabbos Mevarchim or Yom Tov. I sometimes choose to keep the peppers raw. My family knows to leave me a good portion of the artichokes. How is that for love?


Make the Meat and Marinade

Yields 4 main dish servings or 6-8 salad servings.

1. Soak skirt steak in the teriyaki ginger sauce for half an hour. Remove from marinade but do not discard marinade.
2. Grill skirt steak for four and a half minutes on each side, depending on the thickness. (If it’s really thin, then no more than four minutes on each side.) Transfer to a baking pan and tent with foil for 10 minutes to let it cook to desired tenderness. (I like it medium rare.)
3. Brush artichokes and red pepper with marinade and grill two minutes on each side. Set aside.
4. Heat remaining marinade in a small saucepan until it comes to a boil. Add one tablespoon hot water and remove from heat.


In place of the teriyaki ginger sauce use 1 and 1/2 cups sesame teriyaki sauce + 1/2 teaspoon ground ginger, or 1 and 1/2 cups sesame teriyaki sauce + 1 cube frozen ginger.


In place of the frozen artichoke bottoms use 1 (11–14-oz) (300-400 g) can or jar of artichoke bottoms, drained and thoroughly rinsed to remove brine.


Assemble the Salad

1. Cut the artichokes into chunks and place in a salad bowl.
2. Slice grilled skirt steak into pieces and mix with greens and peppers.
3. Drizzle salad with boiled marinade, a drop of olive oil, and a sprinkle of sea salt till salad is dressed but not soaked.  


To add some extra crunch and flavor, toss in French’s fried onions.


Photography: Lisa Monahan.

Food Styling: Chanie Nayman.