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Asian-Style Quinoa Salad


This quinoa salad is so versatile. It can be served with a piece of salmon for a wonderful addition to any appetizer or just used as a side dish for a main course. It’s also an excellent barbecue dinner side dish. And as an added bonus, it tastes great when made in advance, which is always welcome for Yom Tov cooking.


1. Rinse the quinoa and cook according to package directions. When done, set aside.
2. Meanwhile, slice the baby carrots into small slices crosswise. This will make small rounded pieces and gives it a nice look without having to do too much work.
3. In a saucepan, heat 1 tablespoon oil and add garlic. After one minute, add the celery and carrots, and fennel seeds if using, cook over medium heat until it’s just starting to soften. Remove from heat. Let cool.
4. Mix the ingredients for the dressing and set aside.
5. When the quinoa and vegetables have cooled, mix them together and add the dressing. Let marinate for a minimum of one hour before serving. Immediately before serving, add the scallions and cashews. Mix well and enjoy.