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Aurora’s Chocolate Chipsticks


Submitted by Aurora Frid

A twist on your regular chocolate chip-sticks, this recipe takes it to the next level by adding a depth of flavor from the rich molasses, a slight healthy crunch from the chia seeds, and a come-back-for-more salt and cinnamon topping that makes these chip-sticks so irresistible and addictive!



Mix all ingredients together in a bowl with a mixer, starting with the sugar and oil. Once combined, add in the eggs, vanilla, and molasses. Then add in the chia seeds, flour, oats, baking soda, and salt. Once fully combined, mix in the chocolate chips until just combined. Form into 4 logs on 2 baking sheets (2 logs each sheet), and bake on 350F for 25 minutes, until top is golden brown.


Sprinkle with cinnamon and sea salt on top, right away, and slice into sticks immediately.


Say Likavod Shabbos Kodesh if making for Shabbos. 🙂