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Authentic Liver Paté

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16 Servings

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1 Hour

Don’t worry, most of the fat in this recipe is actually drained off, and you won’t regret the time it takes to put it together. The results are well worth it! Estee Kafra says, “Occasionally, I have the distinct honor of hosting a “siyum” (a celebration commemorating the completion of a portion of Talmud) for my husband’s learning group. I like to try different ideas but I need to think “guy food”. Grainy mustard, sweet pickles, crisp crackers an caramelized onions – every one a tantalizing accompaniment to the liver pate. On Shabbat, I like to serve the paté with esrog jam or a fig or wine jam. The tangy sweetness of the jam is a wonderful contrast to the smooth, earthy liver.”


Authentic Liver Pate

  • 1 cup sweetened applesauce, such as Gefen

  • 2 tablespoons fat drippings



Preheat the oven to 250 degrees Fahrenheit.


Place the chicken livers in a small baking pan, smear with the chicken fat and cover the pan. Bake for 30 minutes. This will soften the chicken livers. Place a strainer over a large container, place the cooked livers in the strainer and drain the fat from the liver, reserving the excess fat.


Transfer the liver to the bowl of a food processor fitted with the metal “S” blade. (If there are any parts that are very burnt or hard, remove them.) Cream on high speed until smooth. You can move the food processor from side to side to help it mix well. Add the salt and pepper.


Once smooth, add the applesauce and cream again. While the machine is still running, add two tablespoons of the drained fat and emulsify for 10-15 minutes or until it forms a creamy consistency. Set a fine mesh sieve over a container or bowl and press the liver through in small batches, using the back of a ladle or a spoon to help push the liver through.

Authentic Liver Paté

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